Dillons Coupon Policy

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Dillons Coupon PolicyPrint the Policy HERE

Store Management has the right to accept, decline, or limit the use of ANY coupon(s).

Store Management has the right to limit the quantity of coupons and /or items purchased in a single transaction, by a single Customer, or in a single day.

An Electronic Digital Coupon and a paper Manufacturer Coupon cannot be used on the same item.

A Store Coupon and a paper Manufacturer Coupon may be used on the same item.

An Electronic Digital Coupon and Store Coupon may be used on the same item.

We do not accept expired coupons.

Doubling does not apply to the following coupon types:

  • Free
  • Kroger
  • Catalina
  • Store Coupons
  • Electronic Digital Coupons
  • Items prohibited by law

One store coupon per item may be used. Store coupons are nontransferable and duplication of these coupons is prohibited.

Couponed items will not be sold to dealers.

We do accept “free item coupons” from the Internet if all purchase requirements stated on the coupons are met.

We reserve the right to reject any Internet coupon that is altered or does not scan properly.

Only one Internet coupon per item will be accepted.

Internet coupons that display characteristics below will not be accepted.

  • Blurry
  • Out of proportion
  • Do no scan properly
  • Appear to be altered in any way

Dillons now has an abbreviated version of this coupon policy at its website. Dillons Coupon Policy

Older Coupon Guidelines – Effective March 23, 2011

Vendor (Manufacturer) Coupons

  • Plus Card must be scanned before redeeming coupons. If the coupons are scanned prior to the card, they will not be doubled.
  • With the use of the customer’s Dillons shoppers card:
    • Vendor coupons will doubleup to and including 50¢ to $1.00.
      • i.e.: 25¢ coupon will double up to 50¢.  A 50¢ coupon will double to $1.00.
    • Vendor coupons with a face value of 51¢ through 99¢ will receive an additional discount to make the total coupon (with discount) equal $1.00.
      • i.e.: 60¢ coupon will receive a 40¢ coupon discount to $1.00.
  • Doubling does not apply to free, store, digital coupons, or items prohibited by law.
  • Vendor coupons must be limited to one per item.
  • The value of the coupon or coupons should never exceed the price of the product.  We do not give cash back on coupons.
  • All coupons should be scanned. Manually keying a coupon is always the last resort.
  • Digital coupons are vendor coupons:
    • We can no longer accept digital and paper manufacturer coupons for the same item.
    • Digital coupons loaded to a shopper’s card will be redeemed automatically first, before paper vendor coupons.
    • Digital coupons cannot be removed from the transaction once redeemed.
  • When purchasing items that are Buy One, Get One Free (50% off) customers may redeem one vendor coupon on each of the items.
  • The customer must purchase the correct number of items as specified on the coupon.
    • For example, if a vendor coupon is labeled as 50¢ off TWO items, the customer must purchase two items for the coupon to be redeemed. They would not be eligible to use another vendor coupon on either of those products. Items purchased on BOGO (50% off) do satisfy this requirement.
  • There is no limit to the number of vendor coupons a customer may use in an order, so long as they have purchased the required items.

Free Item Coupons

  • No other coupons, vendor or store, may be used with a free item coupon.
  • The checker must legibly write the valueof the item on the face of the coupon.
    • If the value of the item exceeds the maximum limit of the coupon, the checker must still write the max value on the face of the coupon.
  • Free item coupons may be redeemed for items on BOGO (50% off).  The value of the coupon will be the full price of the item. This will require a manager override at the register.

Catalina Coupons

  • Catalina checkout coupons are designed specifically for the individual customer, based on the item or items they have purchased.
    • Catalina coupons are intended for future purchases, and should not be used in the order they are generated.
    • At the end of the order, Catalina coupons must be presented to the customer with their receipt.
    • In the event a customer does not want their checkout coupons, or if the customer leaves their coupons behind, tear the coupons in half through the bar code and dispose of them.
    • Under no circumstance should Catalina coupons be retained by an associate of Dillon Stores, or to any person who was uninvolved with the transaction.

Store (Division Free) Coupons & LCM’s (Loyal Customer Mailers)

  • Store coupons are coupons that are generated by Dillon Stores and are generally for Kroger private label items. (i.e.: Free Kroger Egg coupons). Store coupons may also be printed at the bottom of a customer’s receipt or mailed to the customer’s home.
  • All store coupons are good for one trip, only one store coupon for the same item may be used per order, these cannot be doubled, store coupons are nontransferable and duplication of these coupons is prohibited.
  • LCM’s are generated based on a customer’s shopping patterns. These coupons will be given to our most loyal customers. These may be store or manufacturer coupons.

Digital Coupons from www.dillons.com or www.gerbes.com

  • Customers will have the opportunity to load manufacturer and store coupons directly to their Dillons shopper’s card at www.dillons.com or www.gerbes.com or with the Kroger App.
  • Customers may create an account using their shopper’s card, then easily “clip” coupon offers from the site to be loaded them directly to their card for instant savings at the register.
  • Digital coupons are available approximately one hour after loading.
  • Digital coupons are limited to a one-time use. A limit of 150 coupons can be added per shopper’s card. Digital coupons will not double.
  • As mentioned above: Digital coupons will NOT stack with manufacturer, store, and internet print-at-home coupons. Digital coupons will apply to the order automatically once the customer’s Plus card is scanned and the required item(s) are purchased. Customers cannot use a paper coupon in addition to the digital coupon.
  • Digital coupon offers will be updated each month. See site for expiration dates.

Internet Coupons / Print at Home (PAH) Coupons

  • We do accept print-at-home (PAH) Internet coupons in our stores. Additional print-at-home coupons are also available at www.dillons.com or www.gerbes.com.
  • “Buy one get one free” Internet coupons will be accepted, if the coupon requirements are met.
  • Black and white copies of Internet coupons featuring barcodes will be accepted.
  • There are no limits on the number of Internet print-at-home coupons that can be redeemed in the transaction; however Internet print-at-home coupons do not stack (i.e. one coupon per item, if the coupon requirements are met).
  • Management does reserve the right to reject any Internet coupon, which appears to have been altered or fails to scan properly.

Competitor Coupons

  • We do accept competitor Pharmacy coupons, up to the face value, if all requirements are met. The competitor Pharmacy coupons must be handled in the Pharmacy only. We do not accept any other competitor coupons.

Management Discretion

  • The store manager has the right to accept, decline, or limit the use of ANY coupon(s).
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