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So many people are overwhelmed when they arrive at WeUseCoupons or any other website they are not familiar with.  Shortpants a user here on WeUseCoupons wrote the majority of this article to help you understand how to get the most out of WeUseCoupons.

I, and pretty much every fellow couponer here, remember how confusing and overwhelming it was to first locate and start reading at a Coupon Blog or Coupon Forum. Sure, we all knew coupons were out there, and maybe even used them every once in a while, but never knew the potential lurking just beneath the surface of those little slips of innocent-looking paper. So, ok, here you are, wanting to look into how to do it like “the pros”. But HOW do they do it? Sorry, but there is no quick and easy answer to this.

Couponing, just like any other skill or hobby takes time to master and dedication to really do it well.

It also doesn’t happen overnight. You don’t decide to coupon one day and **POOF** tomorrow you have a garage full of toilet paper and a basement full of laundry soap.  The best advice to any new couponer is read, read, read, then when you are sick of reading and your eyeballs feel like they are going to fall out of your head… take a break, put your eyeballs back in… and read some more. There are truly amazing source

WUC 101

s of information here on WeUseCoupons, and soon you will be learning how to save the big bucks. But WHERE TO START?!?!

No matter what friend, news article, internet search or tv show brought you here, remember we ALL started right where you are, right now. You are not alone, I remember all too well the mind-boggling amount of information I was presented with when I first found WeUseCoupons. It will all make sense soon enough, I promise!

The best place of all to start is the Virtual Classes, found here:

WeUseCoupons.com – Virtual Classes
This will cover all the basics of couponing and probably answer most, if not all, of your questions when you are just starting out. This covers everything from “Why Coupon?” to Organization methods, Stockpiling, and Couponing in general (ie: BOGO, Doubling, etc.)

Then head on over to the Articles, found here:
Articles – WeUseCoupons.com
This will cover many other aspects of couponing and frugal living in more detail. It is filled with tons of helpful articles (like this one ) that will build on the foundation you made when you read the Virtual Classes above.

Then head on over to the Coupon Blog, found here:
Blog – WeUseCoupons.com
The blog is the portal into the site.  Nathan, Kim and many others will post hot deals and coupons that you may miss in the forums.  This is a great place for people who may not like forums or posting, but want to follow and keep up with the deals.

By now you are wondering about this new language you have discovered amongst couponers… BOGO, CAT, OOP, Wags… What are we all talking about?!?! Here is a handy link to the couponing lingo dictionary:
WUC Acronyms & Abbreviations

Ok, now you have the tools to work with to forge ahead in this adventure called couponing. Hopefully you have started collecting coupons, gotten your chosen organization method for your coupons set, and are ready to go shopping! Go to the Deal Locator section of WUC here:
Deal Locator – WeUseCoupons.com
This section of WUC is the master list of ALL the stores and the info for each of the stores, as well as ad previews, coupon matchups, deal posts from members, everything you need to know about all the stores. Take a look at the coupon matchups for the stores local to you and see what the deals are! Match those up to what you have for coupons and you are off! Most of the work has been done for you by the wonderful Forum Leaders and Members ofWUC.

Right about this time frame in my couponing venture was when it dawned on me how MUCH WUC covers. Here is a link to the Main Forum Index that shows ALL the sections of WUC all in one place:
Main Forum – WeUseCoupons.com
You will be AMAZED at the incredible amount of information here and the vast array of topics covered. WUC is truly a community, it’s not just a “deals site”. There is a very active Trading section, a Bloggers section, Coupon Insert Previews, General Chat, Home Schooling, Recipes, Reward and Survey Programs, Frugal Living, and even a private Debt Assistance forum, just to name a few. Take a look around and see what’s here!

You might be realizing right about now that buying one paper a week probably isn’t going to get you the stockpile you’ve been dreaming about when you go to bed at night. LOL Read here:
Are You New To Couponing and Need Coupons?

For information on resources right here at WUC to get clipped coupons, full inserts, trades, and RAOK (Random Acts Of Kindness) and fill all those holes in your binder! And just in case you decided to skip the Virtual Classes, let me show you what you missed, here is a whole Virtual Class on where to find / get coupons:
Virtual Class #5 – Where Do I Find Coupons?

And there you have it! The “Shortpants 5 cent tour of WUC” is complete.  I hope I shed some light on how to maneuver around the site and what else is here at WUC. It really is a family here, dedicated to sharing the fine art of couponing and how to do it correctly and honestly. I thank each and every member of WUC, from the Admins all the way to the newest member, you all make WUC the wonderful place it is. Thank you!

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