Toddlers and Samples, Not a Good Combo

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Hannah with a Mess

After church my family has a ritual, we always stop at Kroger.  My wife and I will share a packet of sushi (alot cheaper than going out to eat) and grab a few quick things with coupons because Sunday is the last day of the sale cycle here in Cincinnati, where we live.  We also stop at Kroger because it’s sample day!!  Hannah just loves to go to this specific Kroger because she gets to play in the ‘car’ as she puts it.  So we had just put in our sushi order, and we saw our first sample of the day, Naked Juice.  I personally think the name is ‘interesting’ lol, but it’s a sample and they had coupons.  The Naked Juice would have been $2 with a coupon.  I’m not one for luxury juices, but my wife loves them so we stopped to sample it. Hannah is getting to the age that she wants to sample anything and everything that mommy and daddy are sampling, so I asked for a little sample for her also.  The nice Kroger

Hannah in a Cart

How I Shop with Hannah

employee asked what flavor and I replied strawberry, because I knew she (in the past) has liked that flavor.  Hannah is excitedly asking for the sample and I bend down to give it to her and my combination of clumsiness met impatient toddler fingers and well the rest is history.  A deep red juice went all over Hannah, the cart, me and everything else within about 3 feet.  Now I’m sitting in the middle of Kroger, covered in juice and Hannah saying, ‘Dada, mess, uh oh, mess, Dada.’  I know honey there is a mess.  My wife ran to get paper towels and I cleaned up Hannah and just walked out.  She looked like she was bleeding profusely….just lovely.  Oh course, she was as happy as can be, smiling and enjoying the mess.  I snapped the picture with a smiling Hannah ear to ear, even cheesing for the camera, staining clothes and all.  So samples and toddlers don’t mix well, especially if it’s a liquid!! Thank goodness for our Shout and Resolve in our stockpiling, we are going to be needing it!

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  1. Sew007crazy says:

    She is a doll! They keep you jumping at that age! At least she looks happy as can be! :-)

  2. Css_dsm says:

    She’s adorable! What a ham!

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