Welcome to the NEW WeUseCoupons Blog!

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Welcome to the NEW WeUseCoupons BLOG!!!  We are just SO excited and hope to introduce you into a new and amazing way to experience WeUseCoupons!!  First we’d love to let you WATCH this video by Nathan (MrCoupon) explaining some very cool things about the blog, new functionalities, and some new people that you will see posting on the blog!!  The blog will take the place of the homepage, but it will not change the way you experience the forums at all!!  You will still be able to post, contribute, and enjoy our amazing coupon forums every day! Welcome to the Blog

The WeUseCoupons blog will be full of fun exciting new features that we can’t wait to share with you!  Almost every day we will be posting a WUCkie shopping trip, so make sure when sharing your trips in the forums to include a picture!!  We will post about what you purchased and how you got the product in our Shopper Spotlight!

The blog will soon feature printable grocery lists, that are easy to print and use at the store!  Along with helpful recipes in our Frugal Foodies section, (to submit a recipe click here) the blog will have lots of fun and lighthearted elements.  Our Finish the Sentence Fridays series will also appear every Friday!  There are lots of new features that the blog will add to make WeUseCoupons even better!  From the My Stores app on the sidebar that puts all your local stores at your fingertips to the new and improved Virtual Coupon Classes, WeUseCoupons is getting better and better!!

This is an exciting time for us and we hope that you stick around and see some exciting new things that the blog will have to offer!  Let us know what you’d like to see!!  Leave a comment, or email us, and as always we hope you enjoy saving with us!

Nathan, Kim and the rest of the WeUseCoupons Team

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  1. Congrats, very nice!

  2. I love the new layout!

  3. Cookiey says:

    I enjoyed the brief video, .. he talks toooooo fast… I am not new by any means.. so it did not matter that he flew through it!

  4. Myrah - Coupon Mamacita says:

    Love the new look! Very easy to navigate. Congrats Nathan. Job well done!!

  5. It looks beautiful, but how do I locate the rolling posts that used to be on the home page?  I loved that the best that way I saw all the different deals going on, and I didn’t have to go to each store forum individually!


  6. Couponmom says:

    I generally log onto weusecoupons.com 4-5 times a day to check the rolling posts.  Since I logged on this morning – I was lost – couldn’t find the rolling post like it was listed before.   Needless to say this is only the second time I have checked the site today.  I spent about an hour on it the first time I loogged in trying to figure it out and ..honestly it looks great but I am a little disappointed.  Sorry.

  7. crazymom says:

    Nice job!

  8. Jctcouponer says:

    I would love it if there was a link to go to the rolling new posts on the older site, because now when I click on a post in the rolling posts, and lets say I write a quote on someones thread, once Im dont posting that I have to click the back button several times to get back to the rolling posts or I have to click home, which takes me back here and then I have to click the new posts in the drop down list. Very cool what you have all done, but it would have been nice for a heads up!

  9. B Kane802 says:

    Whoa. I appreciate what you’ve tried to do here, but honestly it is way too busy for me..This page has too much happening on it, to much movement too quickly – it makes me a bit dizzy. I liked the ole page that was easier to navigate and read. I know everything new takes getting used to, but I am not sure I want to.
    I am not that new here, but I will probably use this page less than I used to because it is way too busy (too many fonts.etc.).
    Again, I appreciate your efforts but maybe there is just too much going on here.
    My two cents. :)

    • Anonymous says:

      I appreciate the changes, but it is visual OVERLOAD and very difficult on the visual processing. It’s like an I Spy book! I used to spend time on the homepage, but now I bypass it completely. The homepage was what initially attracted me to the site, but honestly I would bypass the site if I had any inkling that the forums were at all formatted in the same way as the homepage. Sometimes less is more.

  10. There will be people who don’t like change, but I love it! It looks more like a blog now!

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