Reusing Eggshells!!!

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Have you ever stopped to think about what you could do with all your eggshells? I didn’t until last year. We had just planted a garden and I was desperately looking for a way of getting rid of slugs and other insects that were eating away at our little seedlings. We were losing plants to the bugs left and right. I had a new rhubarb root and the second a new leaf sprouted, something would start gnawing on it. So I started looking for ways to be rid of bugs without damaging our soil or being concerned about the kids getting into poison. Guess what I discovered? Crushed eggshells work wonders! Now, they don’t work for bugs that fly but if you have a slug invasion like we did, the shells will really help. Slugs often won’t cross eggshells because the sharp edges of the shells will tear the soft body of a slug. So what are the other uses for eggshells? Here is what I’ve discovered so far:

  • Composting: eggshells will add calcium and other minerals to your compost pile
  • Pest Control in the Garden: this worked so well for us in our garden – the slugs left our plants alone, giving the seedlings a chance to grow
  • Seedling Starters: Just add a little dirt to a mostly intact shell and plant a seed in it and just think, you can reuse your egg cartons to hold the starters – all biodegradable!
  • Abrasive Cleaner: Crush the shell and add to some soapy water to use on things like stainless steel sinks, pots, etc
  • Drain Clearer: Finely crushed shells will help keep your drain clear
  • Smoother Coffee: Adding crushed shells to your coffee grounds helps with the acidity in the coffee*
  • Boiled Egg Water: After boiling eggs, use the water in your garden or around your plants to add calcium and help build up your soil
  • Feed the Birds: Birds will love the shells
  • Gardens: Just like shells are good for composting and pest control, they are also good just to add to the soil around your tomatoes and peppers so even if you don’t have the insect/bug pests or compost pile, they are still good to add to your plants!
  • Crafts: You can try to keep the egg whole by blowing the white and yolk out (I remember watching my mom do this when I was little) or you can crush the shell to use for mosaic pieces
*Remember: if using shells in something you will consume, only use boiled shells, otherwise you run the risk of a salmonella infection.
There are all kinds of ways to reuse eggshells! I wish I had discovered this years ago but now that I know, we’ve been saving our shells for months now and have quite the collection. The box is almost full and it’s taller than it looks (stored the half-gallon canning jars). Have you discovered other ways to use eggshells?
Thanks to our Kelly over at PraticalSavings for this awesome article!!!


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