The Perfect Time to Become a Couponer is NOW – New Years Resolution

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As the new year becomes reality, millions of people will make New Year’s resolution.  Some will resolve to lose the excess pounds gained in years past.  Some will resolve to become better parents, partners, spouses, other will resolve to get those ‘honey-do’ list items accomplished, and still others will just try to eat better.  But what I suggest as the most practical resolution is this: resolve to SAVE MONEY using coupons.

If you have never couponed, this is as good a time as any to start!!  New deals are happening every week, and you will be amazed at what you can get for FREE or cheap!  Couponing is what you make of it.  Some people have tried to clip those slips of paper in the past, but quickly give up because of a lack of system and real savings!  What I want to put forward is a NEW way to coupon!!  If you have never couponed before, resolve to try out our system for a month.  All we ask is that you visit WeUseCoupons or other coupon websites for just one month.

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Try to put some time into intentionally saving.  What you will find is truly remarkable.  Within a month you will be saving around 25-40% on your groceries.  You will be starting a small stockpile of free items.  Why stockpile, well that’s easy.  Every family needs toothpaste, so when it’s free stock up, because why would you want to pay full price when it’s free or cheap today?!  After 3 months your grocery savings percentage should increase to around 50%!  If you want me to put a dollar amount on that, here it is: The average family in the United States spends around $4500 a year on groceries, or about $375 a month.  Imagine spending half that or only $187 and getting twice as much groceries!!  After a year, you would have saved over $2,000 to put towards debt, an amazing dream vacation, or simply save it for retirement!

Coupons will change the way you shop, I know this because nearly five years ago they changed my financial life! (watch video)  Resolve this year to start using coupons, I know it’s one resolution that will put money in the bank!

To learn more about how to start couponing, we encourage to read our Virtual Coupon Classes and watch our YouTube Videos about couponing!

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