DIY Baby Name Magnet

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This post comes to us from Tiffany, MrCoupon’s amazing and crafty sister!!  As an elementary school teacher, it seems like just about every month another one of my co-workers is pregnant. It is so exciting… until the baby shower.  I want to get something special for each one of them and the new addition, but you can really rack up the dollars quickly at the check-out with baby stuff! Thus, I decided to start making personalized gifts.

To make a name magnet like the one pictured, here’s what you need:

  • Piece of unfinished wood – I used a square, but any shape will work (find in any craft store for about $0.20)
  • Small circular pieces of unfinished wood enough for the baby’s name (I had a 130 piece bag of various sizes that I got at Michael’s a while ago for only $2 or $3.)
  • Magnets (I used magnetic buttons – this will probably be the most expensive part of the project, so make sure to bring a coupon with you to the craft store)
  • Letter stickers – optional (I think the stickers make the project look more professional, but you could use a sharpie)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Glue: tacky & hot glue (not pictured)
  • Modge podge
  • Paintbrushes
  • Sandpaper

1) Pattern. First, decide what pattern you’d like to have the name go in. I made the name go across the piece of wood from one corner to another because the five-letter name wouldn’t fit otherwise.  If the name is shorter, you may like to do it differently.

2) Colors. While you’re deciding your pattern, keep in mind the colors you are planning to use. I knew I wanted to use red, blue, and white since my friend is a huge Texas fan.  They are also suitable colors for a boy.

3) Paint. You’ve decided your pattern and colors, so you’re read to paint. First, I divided the square in half with a pencil then painted half of the square red. Do this first so it can dry while I painted the circles. If you put just a thin layer of paint, the acrylic paint will dry fairly quickly and still look very nice.  Don’t forgot the edges of the wooden spaces.  You don’t want it to look unfinished! After the first part of paint on the square is finished, you can paint the other half.


4) Name. After you’re finished painting AND the paint has dried, you need to add the letters to spell out the baby’s name. BE CAREFUL when you stick the stickers because you do not want them to be cockeyed or lopsided.

5) Assembly. Now you can put all your pieces together. You once again have to make sure that nothing is lopsided.  I prefer to use the Tacky glue for this step because it allows you some time to make sure everything is exactly how you want it.  If you want to, use a hot glue gun, but be extra quick and perfect when placing your circles.

6) Almost finished! Now you can get your hot glue gun out, and add the magnets to the back of your finished piece. I put two magnet buttons on the top and bottom because I strongly dislike it when magnets can’t actually HOLD anything. You could just do one in the center, and it would probably be fine though.

OPTIONAL: You can make your magnet look even more finished and professionally made by covering it in a layer of glossy Modge Podge. It also helps the sticker letters to stay in tact, but this is optional.

Now you can gift the personalized magnet! You may want to include some other inexpensive baby necessity. I like to tie it onto a temperature control rubber ducky before wrapping.

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