Save Money on Gas: How to Make the Most Out of a Tank of Gas

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Many people are looking for ways to save money in a down economy. Those that drive as their primary means of transportation know that a tank of gas isn’t cheap. But how can you really make the most out of each tank of gas? Read further to find out how to save money on gas.

  • Drive less. Driving less is the surest way to save money on gas. Why not ride your bike to school? Carpool with colleagues to work. Or, take a walk to the store instead of hopping in the car to drive around the corner.
  • Slow down. Even those that drive only five to ten miles over the speed limit find that their gas gauge quickly falls from full to empty faster than more diligent law-abiding drivers. While it’s not safe to drive under the speed limit just to save money, if you do drive the actual speed limit you’re sure to extend the life of a full tank.
  • Check your tire pressure. Tire pressure is one of the leading causes of high gas consumption while driving. The less inflated your tires are, the more gas must be used to keep your High Gas Pricesspeed consistent. Experts advise you check your tire pressure approximately once a month because driving on under-inflated tires could cost you up to 15 percent of the life of your tires.
  • Change your oil. Not only should you get a regular oil change every 3,000 miles or so, but also ensure that you are using the correct grade of oil for your car. This can improve your car’s gas mileage by up to two percent, which means fewer trips to the gas station. Simply check your car manual for the recommended oil grade for your car make and model.
  • Turn off the air. In the warmer months, running the air conditioning in your car is a sure way to drain your gas tank more quickly. Also, in winter, many people turn on the defroster and air conditioner as a way to remove frost from the windshield. In both cases it’s more gas-efficient to turn off the air and open the windows instead. And while you may not want to crank your window open completely in winter, simply turn up the heat and crack the window for the same defrosting effect. Also, try parking in your garage at home, school or work to keep your car cool in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Lighten up. Another way to increase the performance of your car and to save money on gas is to clear out any extra cargo that could be weighing it down. You’d be surprised at how quickly sporting equipment, baby gear and other heavy items can slow down your car, decreasing your miles per gallon.
  • Shop around. Lastly, maybe you’ve found that no matter what you do, your car is a gas-guzzler. In that case, maybe it’s worth it to downsize, upgrade or trade in your current car, truck or SUV for either a car with better miles per gallon or an electric or hybrid model. If you do, be sure to also shop around for the auto loan refinance  that works for your situation. Great car loan rates  are out there, so make sure to do your research before making your final car buying decision.

Poor gas mileage shouldn’t be the primary factor keeping you from enjoying the freedom a car affords. Try these simple steps to make the most of your next tank of gas and enjoy cruising around knowing your hard-earned money is working harder for you.

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