Getting More Bang for Your Buck with Thrift Store Shopping!

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Guest Post written by WeUseCoupons Moderator, Foggy.

With six children still at home, frugal shopping not only applies to groceries but everything else and thrift stores provide me a yet another way to save.

I can find household items, clothing, shoes, and more at a mere fraction that the items cost new. Sometimes I find items new in the box or with the sales tag still attached and yet again costing less than it would have originally from the store is was first bought from.

Some items I have bought from thrift stores:

  • clothes for the children as well as myself and my husband
  • school items for the children from workbooks, to science experiments, to books, and more
  • gardening items such as small shovels and rakes as well as garden markers, pots, and even seeds
  • canning jars.. I buy every one I see as I put up a lot of food during canning season
  • shoes for the children as well as myself but it’s rather hard to find boots to fit my husband’s size 12 feet
  • sheets as well as handmade quilts (I love quilts, especially handmade ones)
  • household items from silverware, plates, bowls, toaster, towels, etc.
  • and much more

How do I shop thrift stores?

Well I keep a list of sorts in my head as well as in my notebook I keep in my purse. I note such things as sizes for the children and my husband as well as things I may bee needing such as a replacement plate that was broke by a child, or some silverware because ours seems to do a good job with the disappearing act.  I also sometimes just browse as I may run across canning jars that is always on my list, or find sheets that are thick in a solid color or a nice print that can be repurposed for a jumper, dress, or blouse for the girls, a skirt for me, slips for us, or other purpose.

When was the last time you shopped a thrift store?


This post is guest written by Laura Williams aka Foggy at
Visit her blog at Laura Williams Musings

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