How Batch Cooking Saves Time and Money!

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Guest Post by WeUseCoupons Moderator, Mavourneen

One thing I’ve mastered is filling my freezer with low cost, nutritious meals so I can save time in the evenings and money at the grocery store. I work until 5 every evening, and some nights my son’s Tae Kwon Do class isn’t over until 6:30 pm.

Today, Superfresh had 80/20 ground beef on sale for $1.59 / lb, plus I had a $2 off beef coupon – so I bought over 8 lbs of ground beef for a little over $10.

Out of this, I’ll get at least 8 meals with little effort. I thought I’d share my technique.

1. Using about 2+ lbs of the meat, I made 2 small meatloafs ( I only have 3 people in my family ) and then using the same meatloaf mix, made several dozen small meatballs with the remaining mixture. I put all of these in the oven to bake together. Once everything was cooked and cooled completely, I wrapped them up for the freezer. I now have 2 meatloaf dinners, and meatballs ready for a spaghetti dinner, or meatballs ready for a marinara sauce for meatball subs. ( As this was 80/20 meat, I made sure to cook everything in dishes that would hold the grease. I made sure to spoon it all out before it cooled. )

2. I cooked 4 lbs of the ground beef just browned. No spices, no seasoning – nothing. This I placed in a large roasting pan next to the meatloafs and let the oven do the work. Again, I spooned out the grease and let it cool completely. I placed it all in a large gallon freezer bag. This will become taco meat, sloppy joe meat, pizza topping, impossible cheeseburger pie filling…you name it.

3. The balance of the ground beef I seasoned as for the grill, and was able to make 9 or 10 decent sized hamburgers out of it ( 3 meals for me; one for each person ) -

I could have also just as easily taken 2 lbs and made a pot of chili for the freezer – something I save for winter make ahead meals.

Chicken was also on sale this week, so I bought a large tray of chicken breasts and had Mr Mav grill them tonight. We had grilled chicken this evening, but I chopped up the remaining cooled cooked chicken and placed it in another large bag. Part of this will be the basis for a chicken tortilla soup later this week. I could also make chicken Caesar salads, etc with the leftovers.

He was irritated, but I also had him grill a small steak from the freezer. I had him cook this slightly underdone, so the final cooking finishes it. After this cooled, I sliced it into thin strips and bagged it for the freezer for a stirfry later this week.

Thanks to Mavourneen for these helpful hints! Original Post Can be Found Here.


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