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  1. The voice of raaoyntliti! Good to hear from you.

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  6. I’m totally with you on this one… but I’ve managed to save a step (sort of) by embracing the German side of my hubby and ditching all top sheets in the house. Instead, we all have duvets. Granted, it’s kind of a pain in the ass to put the clean covers on them, but at least I don’t have to deal with aligning the top sheet anymore.

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  8. ,Why don’t we spend time critiquing each candidate for what they say they will DO as president. That’s what REALLY matters.Except when someone else’s ox is being gored, right?And what about Palin’s life looks like a Jerry Springer show? The pregnant teenager? Do you know how old Obama’s mother was when she got pregnant with him?

  9. I can't believe you found that gorgeous green skirt for such a bargain. I'm feeling definite charity shop withdrawal… the only ones I've had chance to visit recently have been more expensive than a high street shop. Maybe I'm due a lunchtime expedition this week! xx

  10. Ben — I think you’ve just laid down a challenge to Steve.I like it — RED HERRING at ERR?What do you think, Steve? Are you afraid of some pot buoys and warp?

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