WarehouseB a New Way to Save in Cincinnati!!

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For Cincinnati/Dayton shoppers & readers, I would strongly encourage you to get up to the Tri-County area and check out Warehouse B, located in Cincinnati,  across from the Tri-County mall at 11755 Princeton Pike.  I was contacted by their PR department a while ago and invited up to the store to take a look around and was given $100 to spend.  At first I wasn’t sure going up to Tri-County was worth it to me, it was about 25 minutes away but they were extremely nice and so I decided to take the morning and visit.  Man what a store.  It’s a bit of BestBuy with a Costco feel.  Prices are amazing and you all know that I care MOST about price.  I spoke with the manager and asked her a few questions about how they price their items.  I’m very good with grocery prices but not as strong with household items.  She said, ‘We compare prices to online stores like Amazon and Buy.com and then beat their price by sometimes upwards of 60%.

So if you know me at all, my first reaction was in my head.  I said silently, ‘Yea right.’  Then I whipped out my iPhone in front of the store director and said, well lets test this out shall we?  I scanned the barcode of a set of silverware.  The WarehouseB price was $24.97 and it said that the competitor’s price was $36.72.  I went to my PriceCheck via Amazon app and scanned the barcode.  There it was priced at $34.01.  I was impressed!!  Not only did they not mind me testing them, they encouraged me to do it with other items in the store.  WarehouseB had this item 27% lower than anywhere else, AND I didn’t have to pay shipping!  I had lots of fun and couldn’t find a single item cheaper on Amazon and that’s saying something.

WarehouseB is a MUST for SouthWest Ohio bargain shoppers.  I know how to save in the grocery store, but I think I’ll be checking out WarehouseB every time I look for anything else!

A little bit about WarehouseB, they are a brand new store that is a warehouse full of amazingly priced items.  How do they get their prices so cheap….well they buy items where the packaging has changed.  They buy items that are loose or that have been discontinued.  Almost all items still have a warranty and are brand new!  A great option for bargain shoppers!

If you aren’t convinced, here are some more pictures of their amazing prices including a laptop under $200 (that’s black friday pricing every day, NICE!!)

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Remember, WarehouseB is a ‘until it’s gone’ store, which means that they only have a limit amount of any item, so the price is good, ‘until it’s gone’.

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