How I Got Rid of $17,000 of Debt in 1 Year

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Hi my name is Enza and I am from Enzas Bargains.  I have a confession to make, one we never told our families about, and I can’t believe I am writing about it online.  Even though we found a way to get rid of $17,000 in debt, I am very embarrassed that we even accrued it.  So here is my confession:

Embarrassed.  I feel like I owe the world an apology for getting in to debt.  How did a girl who graduated with a double major in marketing and business fall under the consumer craft of accruing debt and how did I pay it off.   My husband and I never let our family know, but we were very immature with our finances when we got married.  I was never like that prior to getting married. 

I blame our debt to being immature, very immature.  When we found something we wanted we had to have it.  I didn’t know how to say “no” and my husband always believed the “stuff” would be gone if we didn’t buy it and we would just pay it next time.  We had a little debt and then we bought a house.  After we bought a house I decided I wanted to go back to school to be a teacher.  We took 3 months and I didn’t get paid anything.  We didn’t change our lifestyle–we charged it.

Last year I figured out a way to get rid of about $17,000 of debt in one year!  We had to make a few changes but not very many.  $5,000 of it was very simple and didn’t require very much work at all.  I had about $6,000 in a student loan and because I worked for 5 years in a Title 1 School, I qualified for a $5,000 Student Load forgiveness program.  Then I had $1,000 in savings and I took that and paid off the rest!  Gone!  We found ways to come up with that little money by me couponing each week.  The little bit adds up.  I found ways to pay for Christmas, Birthdays, and Gifts for friends and family through free stuff I earned.  I barely paid for diapers through couponing and shopping online with coupon codes.

Although, I know people who have saved TONS of money through couponing this still wasn’t enough.  I started a blog and I took all the little revenue I made from the advertisement and didn’t spend it at all.  We never needed that money, so we didn’t use it.  I took all of that money almost every penny and I paid off what we had.

My husband had a secret.  As I managed our finances and paid off debt he was pinching away money from his check that I wasn’t aware of either.  He surprised me with a huge Disney Vacation.  One of the BEST vacations we had.  The week before we left, we were debt free (except for house and car…but we are getting there)!

If you are in this situation first you and your husband have to decide to get serious!  We did!  Then you need a game plan. You can’t just say, we are going to pay this much a month if you don’t have it.  You might need to find a little extra way to save or make money and you CAN’T use it for anything else.   Tell yourself it is not yours.

Are you serious about saving money and spending less, if so be sure to check out my website at

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