Princess Party for Under $40.00!

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WeUseCoupons member, Operation40K, shared this wonderful post about the Princess Party she did for under $40.00! We thought it was great and wanted to share it with the rest of our readers!

Take ten adorable little girls, plus Miss Sarah’s “big sister” from next door –
and it was a recipe for a Magical Time!

Each place setting had a bottle of Princess Punch,
baby carrots in dip, Princess cookies, Princess Popcorn and a Crown Sandwich -
made with my A-MAZ-ING Sour Cherry Jam
and put on the dressed up paper plates.

Let’s not forget the Princess Cupcakes…

The “Design-A-Crown” tables were ready…

Even the “Pin the Jewel On The Crown” Game!

They seemed to love it all!
First they crafted…

Then they ate…

Singing Happy Birthday to the Little Princess…

Princesses need style and grace — a good test is walking with a book on your head!

We checked to see who could do it the furthest…
but everyone won the same prize.

Remember those “pillow boxes“?
I stuffed them with the blinggy rings and few strands of beads)
Now, on to the gifties!

We pulled two chairs over and you got to sit next to the Birthday Princess
when she was opening your gift…

You name it – she got it!
My personal favorite: a hand sewn princess nightgown!
That woman is GIFTED with the sewing machine !!
(I gotta get to know her better…)

Of course, the swing set was a hit too…

Now, for a few “behind the scenes” pictures:
I made the flowers for the tree out of tissue

The hubster hung them last night, in the dark with fishing line.

He tied it to a scissors, threw the scissors up in the tree, and it came down over a branch.
Both ends of it were tied to different flowers, so I could control their heights.
I know – he is BRILLIANT!

It’s easy to take a label off a water bottle and make a new one -
but you need to remember one thing:
when it condensates, it will bleed though your ink!
Use packing tape on the BACK of it to prevent that, before you put the labels on.
I added Crystal Light Mix Ins to make it “punchy”.
If you want the labels, let me know – I have them 3 to a page and they are generic!

The Princess Cookies were simple -
I laid them on a silicone baking mat -
drizzled melted white chocolate over them and
sprinkled with heart cake confetti.

For other tips on Operation40K’s Princess Party, be sure to check out the post in our forums! 

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