You Just Gotta Do It in the Great Smoky Mountains- Smith Family Dinner Show!

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We have had the privilege of seeing some outstanding shows while visiting the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area. I have shared the Patriotic Tributes of the other shows and how they have brought tears to my eyes. When a show can make a grown man like my husband, Robert, laugh hysterically and also bring a tear to his eyes, it is a winner in my book! The Smith Family Show is one of the best shows we have seen in the Great Smoky Mountains!

You have the option of a buffet dinner and show or just the show itself. We opted for dinner and it was a southern buffet! I was amazed at the efficiency of getting that many people fed in less than 30 minutes with the buffet lines. Mouth-watering chicken tenders, meatloaf, roasted chicken, baked Italian pasta are the entrees to choose from on the buffet. For the sides, there are turnip greens, macaroni and cheese, green beans, pinto beans, baked beans, and mashed potatoes with gravy! For dessert, you can choose from carrot cake, chocolate cake, and banana pudding.

Let me add here that The Smith Family Theater has the most comfortable chairs to be able to sit in for that length of time during dinner and a show. Not once did we need to get up and stretch our legs because there was plenty of room and the seats are very cushiony. There are options of stationary seats or seats you can physically move. Be sure to check out the seating chart on their website when making your reservations!

There is a pre-show during dinner to get you ready for the main show with The Smith’s. It was a tribute to Mayberry with the Smith Family Musicians dressed like the bluegrass band, The Darlings, from Mayberry. It was funny, entertaining, and gives you a glimpse of the great show you are getting ready to experience.

After being absorbed by the humor and music by The Darlings, The Smith’s take the stage to captivate the audience for the next hour and half! The night we went we were entertained by Jim Smith and his nephew, Charlie Bob Smith.  Not only is the show filled with Classic Country Oldies, Gospel, and Bluegrass, we watched THE ABSOLUTE BEST impersonations of singers from several different musical genres. We laughed until our sides were hurting, and this was after we kept looking at each other astonished and saying, “He sounds JUST Like …..(insert name of star- Freddie Fender, Ray Charles, Johnny Paycheck, Dwight Yoakam, George Jones, Whispering Bill Anderson, and many more)!!!” And of course, there was an appearance from Elvis! Let me say again that these were the BEST impersonations we have ever seen anywhere. We bought the DVD of the show just so we could see it over and over again! 

The show is not just about impersonations though! The Smiths get the crowd going with their soulful voices singing familiar songs that gets everyone in the crowd tapping and clapping along. Plus, there were special door prizes for lucky participants, and that is all I will say so as to not spoil it for those of you that I KNOW will go to this show!

The part of the show that brought Robert to tears was the patriotic tribute. Absolutely heartfelt and touching and made me miss our Marine son more than ever before. 

Many shows state how amazed you will be and how much you will love the show. Let me shout it from the Great Smoky Mountains’ mountaintops that you WILL love the Smith Family show!! You do not want to miss this one, while visiting the area. We loved it so much that we are planning a trip back during the holidays, just to see their Christmas show!

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We were provided with our tickets from Pigeon Forge Department of Tourism to help facilitate our review. All opinions expressed in this post are our own. 

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