Much More Than Just HomeGoods

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More than just HomeGoods

This article was written by WUC Contributor Nicole

A few days ago, I headed out to my local HomeGoods in search of some new end table lamps.  Of course one of my existing lamps had to go kaput, just as garage sale season is coming to an end.  As I walked into the store I was bombarded by new fall and Halloween themed offerings, but before I could even see the glow of the lighting section, I was sidetracked by my favorite part of the store: gourmet foods!

Gluten Free Chips at HomeGoods

While food is a big part of our home, it isn’t usually the first thing I think of purchasing at HomeGoods or one of their sister stores (Marshalls and T.J. Maxx.)  That being said, I do the bulk of my HomeGoods shopping in this section of the store. Throughout my trips, I have found some amazing items that my family would never have purchased at full price at Whole Foods or other high-end markets. They even have jam-packed end caps with clearance markdowns on their already discounted prices!

HomeGoods Dog Toy

On this trip I grabbed some gluten free chips, sugar free vanilla syrup for my coffee, white truffle oil and even a great dog toy ($6.00 for a toy that my dog is going to demolish in 20 minutes – I don’t think so!)

The most expensive item in my haul was $2.99. While stores like these won’t allow you to quench your coupon cravings, they do allow you to try out fun, non-perishable items that change up your weeknight dinner or morning coffee.  HomeGoods and similar stores are also a great place to get gifts for family and friends. Being one year into both my marriage as well as my mortgage, I try to find frugal ways to give fun gifts.  Whether it is a housewarming party or a holiday gathering, I love to make gift bags with these gourmet goodies.

Home Goods Gift Idea

One of my favorite personalized gifts includes a jar of my homemade sauce (HomeGoods has unique, little jars of sauce), some colorful pasta, a small jar of Italian seasoning and decorative measuring cups or set of measuring spoons. If it’s in season, I also like to clip some basil or oregano from my garden.  I have found that you can put together a one-of-a-kind gift for $12.00 to $15.00.

HomeGoods Spices

All in all, I had what I consider to be a successful trip to HomeGoods. Although, I didn’t find new lamps, I am set for next week’s potluck party!

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  1. Anna Pescatore says:

    I love your gift bag ideas…with the holiday season approaching, these will make wonderful gifts!

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