Best Attractions in Myrtle Beach

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After visiting Myrtle Beach for the first time I’m completely sold. Warm water, beautiful beaches, but what sets it apart from other beaches are the attractions! Let’s face it, what do you do when it rains? On most beaches you’re stuck trying to find something, but usually settle for your boring hotel room. Not so on Myrtle Beach!! It rained twice when we visited and so instead of moping in our hotel room we visited some of the most amazing attractions a family could ask for!

Ripley’s Aquarium
I have a two year old and she was so excited because as we walked into the main lobby, we looked up and she saw a massive Quetzalcoatlus. Now if you have no idea what that is, you must not be watching Dino Dan!! (My two year old knows more about dinosaurs than I do these days) Ripley’s Aquarium has different exhibits that rotate throughout the year and we just happened to visit while they were featuring the dinosaurs.

We rounded the corner and a moving, roaring T-Rex greeted us. My two year old took one look and freaked out, jumping out of her stroller and into my arms in 2 seconds flat. Shaking and pushing her head into my chest she said she was scared, but I
walked up and touched T-Rex, even though she wouldn’t. Then we walked around the exhibit. Hannah was so excited about the other dinosaurs, naming them off, but she always kept her eye on T-Rex making sure he wasn’t making any sudden moves.

We then proceeded down into the aquarium. We walked through tunnel after tunnel which made you feel like you were swimming with the fish. Then we got to see divers feed sting rays and Hannah even got to touch and get splashed by them. All in all, this was an absolute MUST SEE and MUST DO in Myrtle Beach. It was an amazing attraction and one that I look forward to visiting again.


If you have ever ridden on a Ferris wheel or been to the Eye of London,(UK), you’ll no doubt enjoy this attraction. I would encourage you to visit either on a clear day or at night. My wife was a little scared because it is a very different sensation.

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You feel like you are almost floating!! You get spectacular views of the entire beach, the pier and on a clear day can see all the way to North Carolina! I was a little worried that the pods were going to be a little warm, but each pod is air conditioned so even on a warm day, this is a must!! You will go around three times before getting off which is about 15-20 minutes depending on speed! We enjoyed the SkyWheel and would encourage you to visit this great attraction!

Okay, as the name implies this is a very ‘wonder’ filled place. A bed of nails, mind games, walking on the ceiling, you could spend hours here. If you are driving, you can’t miss it! An upside down house; it really plays tricks on your eyes and senses.

My wife destroyed me in a mind game to see who is more calm. My mother-in-law spent 30 minutes playing with giant bubbles with our daughter (her favorite part). WonderWorks is three levels of fun and adventure. It is EXTREMELY family friendly. There are a few weight restricted exhibits (250lb or less) but that shouldn’t stop you from visiting this attraction. It will play with your mind, make you laugh, inspire your senses and really make you wonder! If you enjoyed every exhibit you’d probably spend 2-3 hours in this attraction!

The Palace Theater
We visited the Palace Theater and saw Le Grand Cirque – Adrenaline. Two words: OH WOW. I felt like a cat with a laser pointer, I couldn’t take my eyes off the performers at times. I gasped literally at one point thinking a performer was going to fall. My two year old loved the entire show, I had to make her sit down at points because she wanted to run up on stage. The performers were amazing and the show is fantastic. The Palace Theater has many different shows throughout the year and is a great opportunity to go out with your family in the evenings!

All in all we were absolutely amazed at what Myrtle Beach had to offer. There aren’t many places where you can go to the beach in the morning, an aquarium in the afternoon and a professional show in the evening!! You can’t go wrong with Myrtle Beach. For more information and to find out more about how to SAVE at these attractions, head over to I used their VMB card and got a few great added bonuses at each of these attractions!!  Hope you enjoy Myrtle Beach as much as we did!

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  1. As a South Carolinian we visit the beach a lot because we are only 3 hours away but I have always said that there is something for everybody and when you have children you can play on the beach all day and go out at night whereas other places you are out all day and spending, spending all day when the beach is far better entertainment, We took our 15 month old this summer and he loved it.

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