I Started Nutrisystem this Week!

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I have always wondered about Nutrisystem, does it work, is the food GOOD?  After all, if the food is terrible, no one (including me) would last very long at all.  Nutrisystem has a blogger program (can you believe that) and they invited me to join.  They provide the food for a few months and let you try it out.  I gladly accepted because weight has always been a struggle.  So I want to bring you my journey and my opinions on the system.

Nutrisystem frozen delivery

Does it taste good?  Ummm, the short answer is YES, so far it’s delicious!  The first day it arrived, my sister-in-law came home and saw the box open on the bar.  She peaked inside grabbed and few of the desserts;  the fudge brownie and some popcorn.  I came home and noticed a few of the desserts were gone and asked my wife if she took them.  She looked at me with that, ‘are you seriously asking me that look’.  and then said for me to ask her teenage sister.  I asked Peyton, who is living with us while she attends school, and she said that she did indeed take them.  But she didn’t realize they were only for ME.  She then said, “That food makes me want to go on a diet.”  I laughed and rolled my eyes, if only diets were desserts!!

So here is my lunch for today, a delicious Cheese Tortellini which my two year old tried to share with me, and a chicken quesadilla.  A total of 410 calories, which I place directly into the MyFitnessPal app.  Both were amazing! 

So I can’t wait to bring you more stories about my nutrisystem journey.  I’m still reading all the material and trying to figure it all out, it looks to be a great, well thought out program. I’m EXCITED!  I’m generally a pretty private person especially when it comes to my weight because it’s always been a struggle, but I’m excited to share my future successes!

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting Nutrisystem

 NOTE: This was my first day on Nutrisystem.  I learned after I took the photo that I should have only eaten ONE of the lunches provided and supplemented with one of their recommendations!  Live and learn!!  Stay tuned!!

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  1. very proud of you & have wondered many times if this would be good for my parents as my mom just doesn't have the drive to cook anymore & both are diabetic.

  2. Nicole Cappiello says:

    Congrats on starting with a great attitude. I just received a gym membership for my birthday and am stocking up on lots of fresh and frozen veggies for meals and snacks. Definitely update on how it goes!

  3. I joined Nutrisystem in late 80's and lost 30 lbs in 30 days. I stayed with their maintenance program for another 90 days. I was already in a moderate exercise program and was stuck at 200 lbs. Nutrisystem helped me to drop the last 30 lbs. I kept that weight off for more than 10 years. The food was good and I ate large volumes of fresh veggies and fruits due to my moderate exercise program. My moderate exercise program included 8 miles of power walking 7 days per week along with stretching and modest muscle strengthening on my BowFlex. Good luck and give it your best for the first 30 days (No Cheating), and you will be amazed.

  4. Sandra Goldstein says:

    OK, you have me hooked. I’ve tried a lot of similar schemes over the years and none of them have quite worked out. Either I’m hungry or the food is yuck tasting or I’m left with no money to pay bills. Where you have me sold is the desserts. Anyone who’s dieted for any time will know that this is where most systems fail. Desserts are where all the calories are, and cutting them out just makes most stuff taste like cardboard. A rival product I tried a few years back fell down for precisely this reason. The savories were great – real healthy and tasty – but the desserts left so much to be desired I had to bin ‘em. Fudge brownies and popcorn? Are you serious? Sounds like they have this right. Anyone know how the trial works? I’m excited!

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