DIY Muffin Tin Advent Calendar

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This post was created by Crafting Blogger Erin, from A Bird and a Bean

Can you believe that December 1st is right around the corner.  Wow, how did that even happen!?  I love this season so much and so my kids.  But I got them even more exited for Christmas this year by making this sweet DIY muffin tin advent calendar with little surprises for every day in December!  I just love a fantastic Christmas tradition.  It was simple and cheap and we can reuse it every year!

What you need.

4 muffin tins.  Dollar Tree.  Cost $4.00

Pretty paper.  Any Dollar or craft store.   Cost $1.00

Glue sticks, or hot glue.  Cost $1.00

Ribbon.  Any Dollar store.  Cost $1.00

Number stickers (or a marker to write the numbers.) I had these on hand, but the Dollar Tree sells foam number stickers.  Cost $1.00

Little toys, stickers, candy.  Dollar Tree.  Cost $3.00

Total.  $11.00

What you do.

Step one.  Find a cup with a diameter just larger than your muffin tin openings.  Trace the circle onto your paper 24 times.

Step two.  Cut out 24 circles from your paper.  You could use regular paper and have the kids decorate each circle.

Step three.  Put numbers 1 – 24 on the circles.

Step four.  Tie your muffin tins together.  They come with a handy circle already punched out!  Like they were begging to be tied together and made into an advent calendar!  :)

Step five.  Put a few little treats in each cup.  I have two kids, so I made sure to put two matching treats in each cup.  Because a fight every single morning in December DOES NOT sound like a fun family tradition.  :)

Step six.  Glue your circles onto your muffin pan, over each hole.  A glue stick worked for the light items, but I broken the glue gun out for the heavier toys.  The glue gun was easier.  And they kids can still peel the paper right off when it’s time.

Step seven.  Enjoy your DIY advent calendar that you can refill next year!  Merry Christmas!

If you like this craft.  Come on over to my blog A Bird and A Bean.  I have more where that came from!  :)

Erin is a middle school teacher and mother of two. She is passionate about kids and crafts, projects and parties, food and fun! She blogs about her adventures with all things DIY at A Bird and a Bean. She loves making every day creative and every holiday special. Check out her blog to see more fabulous ideas. You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. love it – thanks so much for the great idea! :)

  2. Thanks guys!

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