Easy Tips to Write an A+ Paper

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As an educator, I have always instilled in my students they should be lifelong learners and they can always call on me for any help they need with any educational issues. Fortunately, many have taken me up on this offer and email asking for assistance when writing papers for high school or in preparation for college applications. If you have a high school student or college student, or you are one yourself, hopefully you can use these tips to write an A paper , also!

  • Don’t procrastinate! Get started right away, even if it is just jotting down thoughts when they come to you. Need inspiration? Check out online resources like Study Mode to help you get inspired, search for citation notes, and see examples of well-written papers.
  • Organize yourself. Buy various colors of 3 ½ by 5 inch notecards to organize your thoughts, citations, and research. Remember to write down your bibliography information on the back of the cards so you do not forget where you found your information.
  • Create an outline but do not feel locked into it as your paper develops. You can rearrange your outline if one section fits better before or after another section.
  • Write, Revise, Rewrite, Proof, then ask someone else to Proof for you again. Another set of eyes, even a couple of different sets of eyes, will always help catch small errors (and sometimes big ones!) after it all becomes a blur to us. Do not trust spell check and grammar check on the computer to catch those errors for you because often it will not.

Writing a paper does not have to cause sleepless nights and gallons of coffee or soda to keep you going! Utilize internet resources like Study Mode, follow these easy tips, and in no time, you will have an A+ paper ready to turn in!

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