Dollar Tree Shopper’s Spotlight joyceygp Trip!

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Thanks to WeUseCoupons forum member joyceygp for sharing her Dollar Tree shopping trip with pictures in the Dollar Tree Forum. Be sure to visit all our the WeUseCoupons Forums to find more great deals, coupons and bargains!

This was our Pepperoni Trip we have 2 stores here in our little WY town DH did one transaction and I did one transaction at each of our stores.

Total of 16 boxes of pepperoni 16.00
Oven bags 16.00
Christmas cards 3 boxes 3.00
Total = $35.00

Used 16 coupons from tear pad for .55 off ea pepperoni and 16 coupons .50 ea. oven bag

$16.80 in coupons 

Total spent=$18.20 & enough pepperoni for pizza for months!

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  1. Good deal! :)

  2. Good deal! :)

  3. Good deal! :)

  4. Great job!

  5. Churro Sona says:

    I'm sorry please don't think I am rude. I noticed you used 16 tear pad coupons that you didn't get from Dollar Tree. It is a crime to take coupons from a store. Our local stores will kick you out and not let you back in for doing this. It is no different then stealing coupons from newspapers.

    • You must be referring to peelies on products. Tearpads can be taken at any time and do not have to be used in that store unless specified on the coupon and they do not have to be used at the time you take them. The company puts them out so you can buy their product when you are ready to buy it.

  6. Barbara Bennett Gunter says:

    My local store told me I could only use 1 internet printed coupon per product per trans action…so if I have three coupons I have to have three trans actions…I think that is goofy..because if they are cut outs from Sunday paper I can use as many as I have in the same transaction.

  7. I think you did great. Tearpads can be used at any store. Peelies are the ones that belong to that product in the store. So great job taking the tearpads to a store that will save you money. I always look to see where I can save more and that is where I will take my coupons.

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