No Coupon Inserts for December 16, 2012

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Coupon Preview

No coupon inserts this Sunday, December 16, 2012! Sadly, there will be NO coupon Inserts the following week either! We will have a P&G coming up on December 30, though!

Do you enjoy having a week off from inserts? I know many of our members spend that time sorting through the coupons they have, getting better organized, pulling out coupons that are getting ready to expire, getting envies ready to share with troops overseas, and figuring out which stores have the best deals for coupons that are expiring at the end of the month.

Some find other ways to organize their coupons. We have a Forum at WeUseCoupons dedicated to discussing how members organize their coupons. Do you use a binder, envie method, or some other way to organize your coupons? Stop by and share your best kept organizing secrets or get some tips from others.

Be sure to stop by the Insert Preview forum to see the weekly inserts to plan out your trips a week or two in advance! Please remember that coupons can be regional and not all inserts will have the exact same coupon.

Also, check out our store forums to see the best places to use up the coupons expiring this month!

Did you know that our military stationed overseas can use coupons that have expired? One of our Moderators, moontwins, sends boxes of expired coupons to these troops to help them save money in their commissaries and exchanges! Be sure to contact her if you have expired coupons you would like to send her way!

Are you looking for a particular coupon or a week of inserts that you might thave missed? Be sure to check out our Recommended Clippers.

Still have the itch and missing this week’s coupons too much? Stop by our Trader’s Square forum or check out latest Auction going on in our Auction Forum.

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