Coffee Filter Flowers

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This post was created by Crafting Blogger Erin, from A Bird and a Bean


Do you want to make some Coffee Filter Flowers?  This craft is super easy.  The kids even got in on the fun.  I love a craft that the kids can help with and that looks good enough for me to display without it looking too “homemade”.  :)  I saw it on Pinterest and the pin led me to The Crafted Sparrow.  I loved it.  First of all, I L.O.V.E  peonies.  I made mine a little differently.  I didn’t use glue, because I couldn’t find it!!  (Time to clean the craft hoard!)  And I used about 10-12 filters per flower.  I do think that they look like peonies.   I also think they look like carnations.  And I think they look like puffy pom-poms.   So, they are a versatile little craft.  Decorate for a party with them, or put them on your mantle.  Whatever.  They look great and add a nice pop of color where ever you put them.

What you need:

  • coffee filters
  • wire
  • floral tape
  • scissors
  • food coloring

You can get all the supplies at any Dollar Store for about 5-6 dollars!  YAY!

What you do:

  • Taking a few coffee filters at a time, fold in half.  Then fold in half again.  Then fold in half again.  Then fold in half one more time so that they are folded in eighths.
  • Using your scissors, cut a rounded edge on your little triangle of filters.  Open them up and you will see a nice scalloped edge.


  •  Take a length of your wire and coil it around your scissors or knot it up with your fingers.  You just want an end that won’t slip through the center of your flower.
  • Push about 10 scalloped coffee filters onto your wire.
  • Wrap and stretch your floral tape onto the bottom of your flower and wire to create a stem.


  • Using food coloring, make a bowl of colored water.  Gently dip your flower into the water.  I left a few white, since I have bright pink and white peonies in my garden.  :)
  • Put on a plate and let them dry overnight.


  • Fluff the dried flowers up and WHALAA!  Pretty peonies.
  • Enjoy your pretty peonies!


If you like this craft.  Come on over to my blog A Bird and A Bean.  I have more where that came from!  :)

Erin is a middle school teacher and mother of two. She is passionate about kids and crafts, projects and parties, food and fun! She blogs about her adventures with all things DIY at A Bird and a Bean. She loves making every day creative and every holiday special. Check out her blog to see more fabulous ideas. You’ll be glad you did.

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