Admitting My Addictions to Cast Iron Cooking

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Do you have an addiction? I do and it is cast iron. Not just any cast iron but Lodge cast iron. I can think of a lot worse things to be addicted to so I think admitting this addiction to the world is not going to cause me too much shame. However, much to my husband’s dismay, I can’t seem to stop buying Lodge cast iron.

Cast Iron Fried Chicken

Of course, he does not complain when he is getting fed delicious meals from my cast iron. Just the other day, I used 4 different pans to cook him a Chinese feast. He has been craving Chinese food lately, and since my gastic bypass surgery in January 2015, I steer clear of Chinese food. I used my flat cast iron to fry a flat egg pancake. There is some fancy name for rolling it and cutting it but I cut it in strips and added into the fried rice. I used another pan to cook the rice and vegetables, another one to cook the chicken, and yet another one to saute the onions and garlic. My goal in this feast was not just to feed my husband a great meal, but to play upon the fact that his love language is food and I really want a cast iron wok! What better way to start laying the foundation than by cooking him a wonderful Chinese meal! We are heading to Pigeon Forge next month and I am hoping to have him talked into buying a cast iron wok by that time!

Just last night I cooked chili and cornbread. I used my dutch oven for the chili and one of my favorite dessert and bread pans for the cornbread. Every piece of bread, biscuit, or brownie has edges, which is always every0ne’s favorite! This pan is perfect and makes each piece come out delicious!

One of Robert’s favorite meals that I cook is rib eye steaks. I sear the rib eye on each side for just a couple of minutes in a scorching hot cast iron skillet then pop in a 425 degree oven for 5 minutes each side. It comes out restaurant quality perfect each time.

At the moment, I have approximately 12 cast iron pots or skillets. But I need more, doesn’t everyone??

Do you have a favorite cast iron pan that you use? What is your favorite thing to cook in your cast iron?

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