Christmas Clearance

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Christmas had not even gotten here and I was already hitting up the clearance sales. My family and friends often tell me how crazy I am but I am not the one that is spending tons of money during November and December buying Christmas presents each year. I try to have everything completed except for last minute items by August of each year. This year, when we lost power from the hurricane for several days, I spent the time wrapping presents! Again, family was telling me how crazy I was wrapping everything in October.

Although I am very list oriented, I still forgot what I had wrapped so it was fun as people were unwrapping their gifts, which one was which one. It was a surprise to me sometimes, too!

So to follow my typical Christmas clearance shopping, my car is loaded with bags, along with my craft room. I spent time last week cleaning up my craft room, putting all the bows, ribbon, wrapping paper, and extra gifts in a neat and tidy order. I had everything organized, then BOOM, the clearance sales started and my room is once again a disaster eagerly waiting for me to come back to make sense of it all.

I cannot share my buys with everyone because those loved ones will know their presents! But some suggestions from last year- I bought scarves at Old Navy for only $1. I had each one monogrammed for the women in my life. I bought candles when they were on sale. I bought various other items that my secret santa, whomever he/she might be a year later, would enjoy using during the holidays. I also bought baskets that were on clearance for 90% off because I knew that I would use them for gift baskets for colleagues.

You might not have a completed list of what people WANT for Christmas but you can start with buying things that you could use. Bakery items are often part of the clearance. Candy for stockings are always on clearance, just check the expiration dates. All the ones I have purchased this week have a 2018 best buy date.

Check online sales too! I do a Christmas Eve bag for my nieces and adult son and daughter-in-law. I have already bought their movies and books for next year because I got them at over half off this week. I also bought my nieces their Christmas pajamas for next year!

What great sales are you finding this week?

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