Christmas In July!!! Plan Now to Make it Affordable and Frugal!!

One of the major themes in couponing and deal-searching is to plan ahead. We can get better deals by knowing what will be on sale ahead of time and planning to stock up when the time comes. This same idea can be applied to the Holiday Season, which for most people, is a huge yearly expense. With a little bit of planning and some help from your friends at WUC, you can help make this Holiday season relaxing and frugal!

1. Start Saving NOW 
This is one of the more obvious hints. Every penny you can put away between now and December is one less charge on the credit card. For example, if you are paid twice a month, between now and December 25th, there are about 11 pay checks. If you put away $20 a pay check, that is $220. If you put away $50 a check, that is $550! It can add up really quickly. Even something as simple as you and your spouse throwing all your loose change in a bowl to cash in when it gets full can add up really quickly. And remember, Coin-Star machines now will allow you to cash in your change for free if you pick an Amazon Gift Card as your form of payment.

2. Write Your Gift-list ASAP
If you don’t know what you are looking for, then you won’t know to start watching for it to go on sale. Take the time to write out all the people you need to buy for, then think about what they would want/need. Lots of times loved ones will mention something through out the year in passing. Make note of it and then start watching for it to go on sale or clearance.

3. Start Your Shopping 
This one is pretty obvious, too. Up-coming clearance sales are a bargain-hunters dream for Holiday shopping. Currently, Target is gearing up for its big Summer Toy Clearance. Most if not all of your toys for the children in your life can be bought now, at up to 75% off in some cases, and stashed for Christmas time. Take a half an hour and go by Target this afternoon to get a feel for what is clearanced, how much it is, and if you want to wait for it to go lower. Typically, things for 30% – 50% – 75%. When they go depends largely on your store, so taking a little time to do some reconnaissance will pay off in the end. Just be careful not to wait too long, or the item will be gone. If there is only 1 left at 50% off that you have to have, you might want to pick it up now instead of chancing it not being there later. Also start watching for school supplies to go on sale or clearance the closer we get to the school year starting. Markers, crayons, pencil cases, back-packs, etc all make great stocking stuffers. And remember when you are out looking for clearance toys, now is a great time to pick something up for the Holiday toy drives in your area. If you know that you are going to buy gift cards for those hard to buy for family members, try to buy 1 or 2 gift cards a month so that you don’t have to spend it all at one time.

4. Gearing Up For On-line Sales
Just because it is a “Black Friday in July” sale, doesn’t mean that will be the lowest price of the season on that item. Be very careful about falling for the marketing gimmicks that stores will use to boost sales in the summer months. Comparison shop. Go to other store’s websites to see if that really is that much off.

Have a price you will pay and a date you need it by, and stick to it. If you want to buy your mom a Kodak camera, and you want to spend $100 for it, then keep looking until it hits that price. As long as it is a reasonable price, it will get there eventually. This will help keep you from spending too much because you go for it the first time you see a lower price. If you see the item sitting at one price for a long time, then maybe you set your price too low, and adjust. Setting your price will help you budget your money for the holidays, too.

Check deal sites EARLY and OFTEN! In the past, sites like amazon were very predictable with their sales, but with in the last year they haven’t been. The solution? Check CONSTANTLY for what you are looking for. There are also tools you can use to find the best deals on Amazon. Amazon Deal Finding Tools will compile for you all the best % off deals on Amazon every time you search. This is especially helpful for trying to find ideas for people you don’t know what to buy for. If specific items you are looking for do not show up, then search for them individually.

5. Write Your Menu NOW
Food is a huge part of the holidays. Just like taking the time to write out your gift list, taking time out to plan your menu for holiday meals will allow you to start watching for those items to go on sale. Be specific. If your family loves Pepperidge Farm Stuffing, then write that down and watch for it. Don’t just include Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, either. Include breakfast or brunch Christmas morning, cookies that you need to leave for Santa, a dish for the church pot luck, anything that you have attended in the past, include. If you end up not needing it the day you planned, you can always use it later. The more non perishables that you can stock up for now for pennies on the dollar, the less money you will have to spend closer to the holidays when money is tighter.

6. Collect Coupons
Once you have your list, start contacting companies and asking for coupons for those items. I usually will e-mail them with a compliment, and then ask to be included on their mailing list. There are several lists of companies contact information. HERE is one specific for the holidays, and HERE are ones that are more generic. By just contacting 5-10 companies a day, you can collect a lot of coupons that are harder to find, and that are good for products that you will need.

Don’t forget to start trading for coupons you need, too. Flour, sugar, condiments, aluminum foil, paper plates, napkins, stuffing, condensed milk, chocolate chips, etc. all commonly put out coupons for their products. If you know you will need them, start getting them now.

7. Cooking & Baking
So many people are surprised to learn that butter, cookie dough and other holiday favorites are freezable! When you find a good deal now, why wait until the last minute to pay for it? By stocking up and preparing now, you will have extra money to spend on something or someone during the holidays!
Items that freeze well include:

Cookie Dough
Pie Crusts
Cream Cheese
Cheese (blocks, slices, and shredded)
Eggs – crack and scramble them and put in ice cube trays (these are only good to bake with then)
Chopped Onions – for cooking

You can also store flour and sugar in the refrigerator to keep them fresh and bug-free until you need to use them.

You can also make your own cookie dough and freeze it up to six months in advance. What I like to do is make a batch of drop cookies, then spoon them out and drop them on to a wax paper or parchment lined baking sheet. You won’t be baking them now, so you can crowd as many on there as will fit, as long as they don’t touch. Then stick the whole cookie sheet in the freezer for a few hours. Once they have frozen solid, peel them off the liner and drop them into a freezer bag. That way they are ready to go from freezer to oven, already portioned out! This is great to have on year round for those unexpected dinner guests or if you little one needs cookies for something at school tomorrow. Plus, using this method, you can have a big variety of cookies on hand at all times.

Once you know how roughly how many batches of cookies you will be making, you can get a rough estimate of quantities you will need to buy. A good rule of thumb for flour and sugar are:

4 c. flour per 1 lb. = (approx.) 20 c. in a 5 lb. bag
2 c. sugar per 1 lb. = (approx.) 10 c. in a 5 lb. bag

8. Broaden Your Shopping Options
Why limit your shopping to retail stores and online merchants? Try shopping for items at garage sales, thrift stores, and other secondary markets. Many times you can find brand new items with the tags still on for pennies on the dollar. Have a collector on your list? Secondary markets are PERFECT for the collector! Find them that perfect piece of china or figurine that they have wanted to add to their collection. Secondary Markets are a treasure hunt, just waiting to happen!

9. Stock-pile Gift Baskets/Stocking Stuffers
This is one of my favorite things to do around the holidays!! Many people can use and appreciate more practical gifts! When there is only so much money to spare, buying a video game rather than giving a huge stockpile basket full of absolute necessities seems silly. Yet we do not want to take all the fun out of opening presents. Get creative!! Maybe even wrap each item to make it fun! Stocking stuffers are also a great place to tuck away practical gifts. Items such as chap stick, shaving cream, razors, deodorant, and shampoo and soaps are great choices mixed with sweet freebies you find throughout the year. Our very own shoppingfever has started a great thread about using your stock-pile for gift baskets. Wrapping My Thoughts Around Christmas Baskets!

10. MyPoints, SwagBucks, Superpoints, etc.
Small things often times make a BIG difference. Swagbucks is a great way to earn $5 gift cards to Those gift cards can be used around the holidays for increased savings. The less money out of your pocket the better! Check swagbucks for more details.

With MyPoints, you can earn point for online purchases or submitting reports via BzzAgent. Save up these points throughout the year and cash them in for gift certificates as presents themselves, or to use for holiday purchases. For program details, visit

With Superpoints you simply spin the wheel to earn your self points for free gift cards!! Easy way to earn paypal, Amazon, and more!! Check out Superpoints for more details!

Thank you to our moderator Amos311 for these great tips!! You can see her post here!!!


Giving Assistant- The Fastest and Most Rewarding Cash Back Site Available!

There are many cash back sites on the internet now-a-days but I recently tried out Giving Assistant and am super impressed. Of all the cash back sites I am a member of, Giving Assistant is the ONLY one that has given me cash back in two days. Yes, ONLY TWO DAYS! I actually did not believe it when I got the email that said, “You’ve Got Cash Back!” I logged into my account and sure enough, there was the cash back from my Amazon order.

I also love that there were few exclusions as to what I could get cash back on with my Amazon order. Usually cash back is only good for certain items but through Giving Assistant, I placed an order for a DVD for my husband for his upcoming birthday and the 5% cash back was in my Giving Assistant account the same day I got my DVD that came in two days via prime shipping. As much as I shop on Amazon, I will be going through Giving Assistant for ALL my orders now.

Another great feature of Giving Assistant is that you can have the money deposited directly into your debit card account. Anything over $1 can be deposited! They also have the option of getting a quarterly check, which is the option I chose, simply because I am saving it for the holidays! I try to get most of my Christmas shopping completed by the end of August, so I will just request that quarterly check after all my shopping is completed and I have gotten the cash back from all those purchases. For ease of getting your money back you have earned immediately, just chose the option of getting back on your debit card through their secured site.

I love that you can have part of your cash back donated to a charity also. You can decide what percentage of your cash back goes to a charity of your choosing; you can pick a school, religious organization, or a particular charity. PLUS, every purchase you make, Giving Assistant donates a meal to a family in need! Just by doing your regular online shopping, you are helping donate meals PLUS have the option to help your favorite charity. How awesome is that??

Giving Assistant has over 1,050 stores to click thru to shop. Every store you could possibly want to shop for online, you can be earning cash back and helping others all at the same time. Sign up was super easy with just a few clicks and I was on my way to earning money back from my purchase. If you have any problems, customer service is only an email away and can help you with any concerns!

Giving Assistant is now my go-to cash back site because of how quick the percentage of what I spend returns back and because of the ability to help others with every purchase I make.





I was compensated for my review of Giving Assistant however all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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Enjoy Yourself in Sunny San Diego

Enjoy Yourself in Sunny San Diego

Whenever a list is published which ranks the top cities in the United States, San Diego is usually near the top of the list. The weather is absolutely flawless, making it a perfect vacation destination at any time of the year. There are an enormous amount of things to do, no matter what your particular interests happen to be. If you are in the process of planning a vacation, you might want to consider giving this California city a shot. There are plenty of affordable hotels in San Diego to choose from if you perform a simple online search. Here are just some of the many ways you can enjoy yourself in sunny San Diego.

1. San Diego Automotive Museum
While San Diego is famous for its beautiful weather, it can sometimes be too hot for some tourists. If you are feeling a little oppressed by the heat, there are many indoor activities in the city that you can choose from to pass the time. For example, the San Diego Automotive Museum will not let you down if you have any interest in cars whatsoever. The huge collection is considered to be one of the most extensive in the world. It dates back to the beginning of motor cars in the late 19th century. The condition of these historic vehicles is quite impressive, with many of them looking like they have just rolled off the assembly line.

2. USS Midway Museum
The United States Navy has a great history and a proud tradition. These are both on display at the USS Midway Museum. This is definitely not your typical museum. It is not housed in a traditional building. Instead, it is a real aircraft carrier that now serves as a permanent museum. It is located at the Navy Pier. For 44 years, the USS Midway patrolled the seas, defending our freedom and protecting our allies. It served longer than any other aircraft carrier in the Navy’s distinguished history. Taking a tour of the Midway will allow visitors to see firsthand what the conditions were like for the 200,000 sailors who lived on this carrier when it was still being actively used. Aside from the carrier, visitors can also check out a nice collection of authentic planes that are displayed. This museum is a fitting tribute to all of the brave men and women who have served in the United States Navy, especially those who lost their lives in combat.

3. Belmont Park
If you are a person who enjoys visiting some of the great old amusement parks in the United States that have been around for many decades, a trip to Belmont Park will definitely need to be on your travel itinerary. Opening its doors in 1924, it quickly grew in popularity. All of these years later, the popularity of the park remains undiminished. One of the reasons for the park’s popularity among the people who visit it is the fact that there are still some rides in operation that were a part of the park when it was founded. One of these original rides is the Giant Dipper, which has been thrilling people since day one of the park. This is a roller coaster constructed out of wood that is very well maintained. Belmont Park is fun for the whole family.

This article was written and provided by Fiona Moriarty of Hipmunk, the ultimate platform for all your travel needs.

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2015 Theme Park, Waterpark and Summer Attractions

2015 Theme Park, Waterpark and Summer Attractions

Printable Coupons and Promo Codes


USA Triathlon 2015 Splash & Dash


AZ Air Time Scottsdale

Kiwanis Park Recreation Center

Arizona Museum for Youth

SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium

Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium

INSPIRE Entertainment

My Gym Children’s Fitness Center – Tucson

My Gym Children’s Fitness Center – Phoenix

Carrie Curran Art Studios

Arizona Rafting


California’s Great America

Gilroy Gardens

Hollywood Wax Museum

Madame Tussauds Hollywood

Newport Landing Whale Watching

Pirate’s Dinner Adventure

Raging Waters

Waterworld California

Mulligan Family Fun Center

Guinness World Records Museum

Bladium Sports & Fitness Club

BounceU – Orange

Downtown LA Walking Tours

Fillmore & Western Railway


Copper Mountain Resort Association

Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park

Water World

Pirates Cove

The Splash at Fossil Trace

Boondocks Fun Center

Dinosaur Resource Center

Children’s Museum of Denver

Butterfly Pavilion

Downtown Aquarium

Evolve Action Sports Park

A+ Athletics

Adventure Golf and Raceway

Earth Treks Climbing Center

Broken Tee Golf Course

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

American Paintball Coliseum

Grand Adventures

SK Horses

Putter’s Pride Mini Golf

FatCats Bowling Centers

Putting Edge Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Golf & Arcade

Snow Mountain Ranch

Dart Warz

Unser Karting & Events

Bladium Sports & Fitness Club

K1 Speed

Colorado Sports Hall of Fame

Denver Firefighters Museum

Blitz Paintball

Silverthorne Recreation Center

Friends of Dinosaur Ridge

Gateway Park Fun Center


Flight Trampoline Park

My Gym Enfield

My Gym Glastonbury

My Gym of West Hartford

Lakeside Pottery Ceramic School and Studio



Adventure Landing

Adventure Landing & Shipwreck Island Waterpark

Amazing Urban Scavenger Hunt

Big Kahuna’s Water & Adventure Park

Bluefoot Pirate Adventures

Everglades Holiday Park


Putting Edge Glow in the Dark Mini Golf

Sky Zone Fort Lauderdale

Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo


Amazing Urban Scavenger Hunt

Lane Southern Orchards

LEGOLAND Discovery Center

Monster Mini Golf

Wild Adventures Theme Park

Georgia Renaissance Festival

Smoke Rise Summer Camp


Hawaii Game Truck

My Gym Kailua


FatCats Bowling Centers


Siegel’s Cottonwood Farm

Go Bananas LLC

Jump America Indoor Trampoline Park

Odyssey Fun World

Pump It Up Chicago

Putting Edge Glow in the Dark Mini Golf

Safari Land

Discovery Center Museum

Exploration Station

My Gym Aurora

My Gym Buffalo Grove

My Gym Chicago

My Gym River Forest


Monkey Joe’s Of Des Moines


All Star Adventures

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Kansas City

SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium

My Gym Children’s Fitness Center Overland Park

Wichita Riding Academy


Gattitown Lexington


Amazing Urban Scavenger Hunt

Steamboat Natchez


Earth Treks Climbing Center

Madame Tussauds Washington, D.C.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

My Gym Bethesda

My Gym Children’s Fitness Center of Timonium

My Gym Owings Mills


Amazing Urban Scavenger Hunt

Classic Harbor Line – Boston

On Location Tours

My Gym Children’s Fitness Center

Rock Spot Climbing


Bavarian Inn Lodge

Berlin Raceway

High Velocity Sports

Putting Edge Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Golf & Arcade


Castle of Chaos

Hollywood Wax Museum

SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium

The Bretts

The Magic House, St. Louis Children’s Museum

America’s Incredible Pizza Company – St. Louis

America’s Incredible Pizza Company – Springfield

Cool Crest Family Entertainment Center

Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Kansas City

Putting Edge Glow in the Dark Mini Golf

Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf

World’s Largest Toy Museum & Attraction

The Little Gym of Fenton

Mad Science of St. Louis


Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center


My Gym Childrens Fitness Center – Lincoln


Amazing Urban Scavenger Hunt

Wet’n'Wild Las Vegas

BounceU – Henderson

 $5 Off Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus – XTREME

New Hampshire

Liquid Planet Water Park And Zip Lines

Water Country

New Jersey

Wild West City

International Sports Skating & Fun Centre & Deptford Skating & Fun Center

Pump It Up – Roselle Park

Pump It Up – Freehold

My Gym Children’s Fitness Center – Glen Rock

My Gym Children’s Fitness Center – Westfield

My Gym Children’s Fitness Center – Manalapan

New Mexico

Tours of Old Town

New York

Adventure Landing – Greece

Adventure Landing – Tonawanda

Adventure Speedway

Amazing Urban Scavenger Hunt

Classic Harbor Line

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester

Madame Tussauds New York

On Location Tours

The Ride

New York Baby Show

Bounce Magic

Gamin Ride

My Gym Children’s Fitness – Stony Brook

The Little Gym of Kingston

North Carolina

Adventure Landing – Gastonia

Adventure Landing – Winston Salem

Adventure Landing – Raleigh

Adventure Landing – Pineville



Magic Mountain Fun Centers – Polaris

Magic Mountain Fun Centers – East

The Beach Waterpark

Ohio Renaissance Festival

Akron Fossils & Science Center

Family Karate


Andy Alligator’s Water Park

America’s Incredible Pizza Company

Bouncin Craze

Bouncin Craze II


USA Triathlon 2015 Splash & Dash


Flight Trampoline Park

Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark

Monster Mini Golf

Sunset Mini Golf

Pittsburgh’s PA Motor Speedway

Slide The City

BounceU – Exton

BounceU – Warrendale

Snapology Discovery Center – South Hills

Snapology of East Pittsburgh

Gymkhana Gymnastics

Soccer Shots

The Valley Skating Center

Color Me Mine Pottery Studio

Rhode Island

Rock Spot Climbing

South Carolina

Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors

Hollywood Wax Museum


Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry

Hollywild Animal Park

My Gym Northeast Columbia


Castle of Chaos

Guinness World Records Museum

Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors

Hollywood Wax Museum

Ripley’s 5D Moving Theater

Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Odditorium

Ripley’s Davy Crockett Mini-Golf

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure

Ripley’s Marvelous Mirror Maze

Ripley’s Old MacDonald’s Farm Mini-Golf

Dickson Stampede Days Rodeo

America’s Incredible Pizza Company


Adventure Landing

Amazing Urban Scavenger Hunt

Cascade Caverns

LEGOLAND Discovery Center

Moody Gardens

Natural Bridge Caverns


SEA LIFE Grapevine Aquarium

Shore Club Volente Beach

Splashtown San Antonio

Trinity Forest Adventure Park

Woodlawn Theatre

Amazing Jake’s Plano

America’s Incredible Pizza Company

Gatti’s Pizza


Inflatable Wonderland

Nickelrama Arcade

Drama Kids International

Olympian Fencing Club


Amazing Urban Scavenger Hunt

FatCats Bowling Centers – Salt Lake City

FatCats Bowling Centers – Ogden

FatCats Bowling Centers – Provo

This Is The Place Heritage Park

Boondocks Fun Center

Discovery Gateway: The Children’s Museum of Utah

My Gym Children’s Fitness Center – Layton

Adrift Adventures


Flight Trampoline Park

My Gym of Hampton Roads

Mad Science of Hampton Roads


Amazing Urban Scavenger Hunt

West Virginia

West Virginia Mountain Rail Adventures


Blue Harbor Resort & Spa

Door County Trolley

Egg Harbor Fun Park

Gravity Trails

Badger Bouncers

Sky Zone Milwaukee

Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley

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