About Our Forum Moderators

WeUseCoupons has an amazing coupon forum that is trafficked by thousands of people every day.  Imagine having to manage at a minimum, over 5,000 posts daily!!  If you do the math, that can mean more than 3 posts a MINUTE!!  Our moderators work tirelessly to help fix issues, address problems and encourage conversation.  The moderators often have a thankless job, but we want to highlight each and every one of them.  They are amazing people and even more amazing women!  I am so proud to call them my friends and I’m a better person because of them!!  So without further ad-due, our ladies in the blue skirts.*

Username: amos311
Real Name: Amy
State: Texas
Bio: Hi y’all! I’m Amy. I live in south Texas, am a professional science-nerd, am Aunt Amy to 4 nieces, 1 nephew, and a pretty little god-daughter. I love hunting, fishing, FOOTBALL, reading, gardening, baking, and cooking. I am a devoted Dave Ramsey follower, am on Baby Step #2, and am eagerly awaiting the day I can say I’M DEBT FREEEE!!!!
Favorite Coupon: $0.35/1 SoftSoap
Favorite Forum on WeUseCoupons: Auctions and Wanna Be Debt Free
My Favorite Store: Safeway!
Favorite Song: too many to list!


Username: Jennyjlj
Real Name: Jenny
State: Washington State
Bio: I am a SAHM of three wonderful children. I found WeUseCoupons during a very rough time in our lives and it helped pull us out of a funk and survive financially. Couponing is now a lifestyle for us so much us the 2 year old is in to it!! I now have a new found love for online reward programs and am obsessed with kickboxing as well!!
Favorite Coupon: Any diaper coupon!!!!
Favorite Forum on WeUseCoupons: Rite aid and all of them!!!
My Favorite Store: Safeway, Albies, and Target (see can’t pick just one!!!!)
Favorite Song: There is just to many!! Any that I can move to or punch to!

Username: Moontwins
Real Name: Mary
State: Virginia
Bio: I am Mary and live in Virginia. My husband is an E-7 Master Sgt in the Air Force and we are stationed at Langley Air Force Base. I have 4 kids ages 13, 11, and 6 year old twins. Yes I am a busy woman. DIY runs in my blood. I have a huge addiction to Pinterest to say the least. I love Jesus, church, my bible, homeschool, being a stay at home mama, painting furniture, cooking, gardening, crafting, and eating a diet of clean, gluten free foods.
Favorite Coupon: Organic Valley coupons
Favorite Forums on WeUseCoupons: Commissary, Target, and Harris Teeter
Favorite Stores: Commissary, Ikea, Trader Joes, Amazon, Lego Store, Hobby Lobby, Costco.
Favorite Song: Anything by Third Day.

User Name: mtnmamamj
Real Name: Missy
State: Virginia
Bio: I am a wife and the mother of three children. My family means the world to me. Growing up I knew that I always wanted to be a mom. I have always used coupons (since I was 19), but began couponing seriously when I became a SAHM. I adopted this more extreme style of couponing for 2 reasons. First because I needed to save money for my family in order to stay home with my kids and second because although I wanted to be with my kids, I needed a mental escape. Couponing provided that for me.

Real Name: NAOMI
State: Florida
Bio: My name is Naomi. I am a mother of two awesome children. I have one girl and one boy. The perfect pair for me. My daughter Hannah is 6. She has a speech disorder and has fought against it daily. She was given a prognosis two years ago that she would never speak. Well today she is speaking. She is very strong willed like her mommy. My son Zachary is 5 and brilliant. He makes my heart smile. I couldn’t ask for two of the most amazing kids. I fall in love with them more and more each day.
As for me, I do a lot of volunteer work with United Way in Dade County. I am currently finishing my BA in special education and hope to get my Masters in Autism.
Favorite Coupon: Anything that works out to Free
Favorite Forum on WeUseCoupons: Weather in the Coffee Lounge
My Favorite Store: By far, my favorite store are Target, Kohl’s, and CVS.
Favorite Song: I love all kind of music and I have too many songs to list but with my two kids … I have learned to love a lot of the sesame street guest singers… LOL
I love couponing and it is my way of life. I feel guilty if I don’t use a coupon or a percentage off coupon. I refuse to pay full price for anything and that is why I love WUC so much. Everyone helps me save money in ways I had not thought possible. So thank you for posting your deals, your tips and your trips. You may have helped me and never known it. So thank you each and every one of you for making WUC such a awesome place to help each other save money 

Username: sssliz
Real Name: Liz
State: Arizona
Bio: Liz is my name, and saving $$ is my game. I, my husband and son live in SE Arizona. We also have two willful dogs, Murray and Sunny, who are spoiled about as much as the kid. I absolutely love my WUC family! Oh, and one more thing, GO PACK GO!
Favorite Coupon: Dollar General $5/$25
Favorite Forum on WeUseCoupons: Dollar Stores!
My Favorite Store: Dollar General, Target, and Dollar Tree.
Favorite Song: I have an eclectic taste in music.
Advice: Keep a price book and find out the rock bottom price for the items you purchase regularly. You will know when an item is a good deal and when to buy what you need or stock up. And, just because you have a coupon doesn’t mean you have to use it before it expires.

Username: taylorsmom
Real Name: Kim
State: North Carolina
Bio: I grew up a “military brat” so I’ve lived all over the world. My world now revolves around God, my husband, and my daughter. WUC gives me an outlet to help others and is my stress relief.
Favorite Coupon: I love No Beer Purchase Required rebates. I’m addicted to them.
Favorite Forum on WeUseCoupons: Rite Aid
My Favorite Store: Rite Aid!
Favorite Song: Arlington by Trace Adkins because my grandfather is buried in Arlington National Cemetary.


Username: CouponGenius
Real Name:Justin
State: Ohio
Bio: Hi, I’m Justin. I’m 28 years old and have been couponing for nearly five years now. I’m the oldest child in my family and have 5 younger siblings. I’m also uncle to a niece and a nephew. I’m looked over constantly by my two angels (My Dad and my Brother).
Favorite Coupon: 50¢/1 or $1/2 Yakisoba
Favorite Forum on WeUseCoupons: Meijer
My Favorite Store: Meijer
Favorite Song:I listen to basically every type of music, so to name just one would be impossible.


*Blue skirts is a reference to the color of moderators’ user names on WeUseCoupons, blue.