About WUC

Welcome to WeUseCoupons – a site that helps people all over the country connect, save and learn about coupons. Our mission is to help you save money so that you can pay down your debt and live a rich life!!


In March of 2010, Kim became the general administrator of WeUseCoupons! Kim is amazing and inspiring and has become a great friend. She is a huge part of what makes WUC tick! Here is more about Kim:

I was one of those couponers that started out years and years ago that was determined to save money so I could travel. I was still single at the time and would buy the newspaper to clip the coupons I would need. I would leave them on the table, then the coupons got shifted to another table, then moved to the counter, and eventually shoved into a drawer in the kitchen. You know that drawer: the catch-all drawer. The one when company pops over and you go to fix some drinks that you sweep everything into. I usually found the coupons 9 months later, long past the expiration, when I was digging around in the drawer looking for a battery or something.

Fast forward to 2004, I was newly married with a ten year old stepson. We had to save money because this ten year old was starting to eat us out of house and home. I would get up every Saturday morning at 6 am to go to the local WalMart to look for marked down meats. I was so proud when I saved $10- $15 off our grocery bill.

I can remember calling my husband as I wheeled out a cart load of groceries saying, ‘I ONLY spent $150 this week!!!” I was so proud!

In 2007, my self-employed husband started having a decline in work. At one time, he made quite a bit more than I did at my teaching job but when the economy crashed, people stopped building homes and stopped wanting custom showers; they stopped wanting new countertops and new flooring. We eventually dropped to one income…mine. We were more than strapped for cash. We had a new-to-us home that was going into foreclosure, a son in private school, and constant calls from credit agencies wanting money.

Then I truly found couponing. Couponing became a way of life.

It became another job and supplemented that lost income. We came out of foreclosure, paid off one of the cars, paid down our debt, and are looking at a much brighter future…all because of couponing. The economy started turning around but the couponing continued to motivate us to save money. We finally are able to give back to others and are able to help local community agencies. Now our grocery bill rarely goes over $40-$50 for a week, and THAT is something to be proud of.

We found WeUseCoupons several years ago and fell in love. Couponing became more than just saving money and giving back to the community. For us, WeUseCoupons became a place to share shopping trips, find great deals, discuss best scenarios, and so much more. Being a part of WeUseCoupons is like having a whole new extended family. We can have the best laid plans for our shopping trips to walk into a store to discover shelves out of stock, products not carried in a particular store, coupons beeping, and a host of other mishaps. Having a family to come “home” to at WeUseCoupons that understood those types of trips, that helped rebuild a different scenario, and encouraged us for our next couponing adventure only motivated us even more. We have developed online friendships that went beyond couponing to discussing the latest with our children, the fact that the Yankees ARE the best baseball team, my favorite recipes, holiday gift ideas, and so much more.

WeUseCoupons has changed our lives not only financially but personally. We love saving money and couponing but we also love the lasting friendships we have developed with our online family at WUC.