Giving Back to Our Armed Forces

Did you know that military families overseas can use expired coupons up to six months past their expiration dates?! I grew up in the military and my family was stationed overseas. From Clark Air Force base in the Philippines, to Korea and Japan, it wasn’t easy.  My mom will tell you that money was tight for our family back then just like it is now for many military families. What a blessing to so many families a simple coupon can be! Please join us in supporting our brave families by sending them coupons!! WUCkies are coming together to support our troops!!

Coupons you CAN use:

  • Active or expired! But try not to send more than 60 day expired coupons, this way when they read the overseas base, they have a chance to use them.
  • Only manufacturer’s coupons (no store specific or restaurant coupons)
  • They can be from the newspaper, dispensers in grocery stores, tear-pads, and elsewhere, as long as they state “Manufacturer’s Coupon” on them.

High demand coupons are food supplies, then baby, common household goods also.

How do I sort the coupons?
Most organizations will stress that you need to divide your coupons into 2 categories. Food and Non-Food. Now there is a very basic reason for this, military bases don’t have Walmarts, they a ‘Commissary’ (DECA) and a PX/BX. The former is a grocery store, and the latter is more of a department store. By separating them into two different categories it makes it so much easier to get them to people who need them faster.

Do I have to send lots of coupons?
No! Every little bit helps. Military family organizations ask that you only send one package/letter a month.

Are there websites dedicated to this? I’d love to read more about this great idea!
There are lots of great websites, many with names and addresses!
Overseas Coupon Program
Coups for Troops
Operation Expiration