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These are the amazing people that help us regularly on the WUC Blog. Without them it wouldn’t be possible to bring you the amazing deals each and every day!! Thank you so much, Tammilee, Michele & Jenny and others who help us every day! Michele Brosius 

I am a busy wife, mom of 3 and preschool teacher that loves to shop and save money. As a stay at home mom “many” years ago, I used coupons and always strived to save 50 % on each grocery store trip. Until recently that was still the way I couponed and saved money, but I knew I could do better.

Now, my eyes have been opened wide by the internet and blogging world. Resources to help you save money are available around the clock and have been a dream come true for me. Being able to save money with coupons and online sites helps me learn something new every day. Shaing my knowledge with others so they can learn and save money is important to me and I try my best to make it happen every day!

You will also find me at my blog, Money $aving Michele

Jenny Juro

I am a SAHM of three wonderful children. I found WeUseCoupons during a very rough time in our lives and it helped pull us out of a funk and survive financially. I had always couponed but learning to shop drugstores and multiple papers allowed for us to build a stockpile and to open our pantry up to friends and family. Couponing is now a lifestyle for us so much; even the kiddos look for sales and coupons!! In addition to couponing, I have had my eyes opened to reward programs, sweepstakes, freebies and so much more!! I also have enjoyed being able to be a forum leader and moderator on WeUseCoupons for the past couple years!!

You will also find me at my blog, Penny Pincher Jenny.

Tammilee Tillison

My path to using coupons and sales was unplanned and truly a blessing. The week we were married in September of 2008, we found out that my job was going to be moved out of state.  We suddenly went from a 2 income family to 1 with my larger income disappearing. I started looking around the Internet to see what others were doing to save money. Prior to this point I am not sure that I had ever used a coupon at the grocery store. I had used them at Macy’s for discounts on shoes and clothes but not for food. It was a revelation that you could save so much money with coupons.

I started with one paper and a sale at the grocery store and was amazed that I had saved so much money. I was quickly hooked on using coupons and saving money with them. I started stalking the websites and sales ads to see what I could save on. Over time I was talking about saving money and using coupons so much that people started asking how to do it. That is how Tammilee Tips was started. I wanted to find a way to share my love of coupons with everyone I knew.

In 2011, I was featured on TLC’s Extreme Couponing. It was an amazing experience to be able to share my love of coupons with so many people. We really try to coupon to not only help fill our pantry but also our friends, family and the local food bank.

Coupons have truly changed my outlook on spending money and living life to the absolute fullest.

You will also find me at my blog, Tammilee Tips


Hi.  I’m Erin and I do the weekly Dollar Store Crafting posts you see here on WeUseCoupons.  I have two kids, a dog, 4 chickens, 3 fish and a husband!

I’m also a middle school English teacher.   It’s gets crazy around my house and sometimes I feel like I’m living in a zoo.  I dislike laundry, bananas and lipstick.  I do love a bargain.  I’m passionate about kids and crafts, projects and parties, food and fun!
I love saving money.  I will try to DIY just about any project I see, sometimes with hilarious results.  Pinterest is my newest obsession.  I get so many fantastic ideas there.  You can follow me there.  You can also find me at my blog, A Bird And A Bean.