Lessons I’ve Learned Blogging

Lessons I’ve Learned While Blogging is a series that I wrote over the course of six months.  This series is designed to give a little insight into my personal experience blogging and running websites for the last few years.  If you ever wanted to start a blog, it can be LOTS of fun. Blogging can be an outlet, it can be a venue for many different things. It can even, in some rare cases, make you some money!  But you also need to understand things that aren’t discussed often when you start a blog.  This series will touch on many of the topics I wish I had known when I started my website!  I hope you enjoy this series!

Week 1: Be Real!

Week 2: Dealing with Drama

Week 3: Networking Leads to Support

Week 4: Balance is Not Dirty a Seven Letter Word

Week 5: Overcoming Brick Walls

Week 6: Getting Personal

Week 7: Learn to Love Yourself

Week 8: Perception is Reality

Week 9: Even Big Bloggers are Insecure

Week 10: For the Love of Blogging