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We want to warmly welcome you to  This site is designed to help you SAVE MONEY!  But like anything else we understand that learning something new like coupons can be overwhelming!  So we have a few pointers, tips and a few tricks to help you get started clipping your coupons, reading the blog, and hanging out in our coupon forum!

So where do you begin?!  How do you start couponing and saving hundreds each week on your grocery bill?  Well get prepared, when I first started couponing, I was lost!  I was confused and there really wasn’t a place to go and read how to start!  But that’s all changed!!!  We have a FREE virtual class system that you can read.  It’s filled with useful advice, basic concepts like double coupons and even more tips about why we stockpile and how much!  These classes have been developed over years of experience shopping with coupons.

After your eyes are tired of reading, we encourage you to get involved!!  WeUseCoupons is different than almost any other coupon site because we are both a blog and coupon forum!  Our blog will post hot deals that we find throughout the day, useful articles, pictures and fun topics.  But as you know blogs can only be a few voices.  It may be a single person or team finding deals, but imagine over 25,000 people working together to find great deals for you?!  Our coupon forum is one of the largest and most active coupon forums on the internet!!  We have an amazing team of moderators and forum leaders that inspire, answer questions, and help you with the simplest things.  We have amazing users from around the country that post deals they themselves find in the stores!!  WeUseCoupons is the best of both worlds!

Lastly we would encourage you to check out FrugalTV.  MrCoupon started Frugal TV in 2010 and has light-hearted episodes like his Husband’s Tips, and of course has coupon related episodes like Rainchecks 101 and Value Sizes aren’t a Value.  Frugal TV is another great way to learn and we hope that you will subscribe and smile!