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When I find expired item - sometimes they are on the front - but often it in the back. If you don't want to "dig" here are two suggestions:

1. If you go to the store later at night but before the restocking hour -(especially on the weekend when there is the most sales) then the front items have been sold and the ones in the back - become the natural ones that anyone would reach for.

2. If you look at an angle (diagonally - that is stand it front of a different prouduct and glance to the right or left) rather than straight you can see a whole "row" of dates - example: all of the pillsbury baking tubs (like dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls) have the date on the metal round end of the tub. If you stand at an angle you can look at the whole row of dates from the ones in the front to the ones in back (but this only works for the item on the outer edge). I also recently did this with the kashi oatmeal, kashi heart to heart, and the quaker oatmeal to go's - and saw mutiple expired products of each of these listed.

3. Some dates are on the front of items - so you don't need to dig at all. Here are some examples: Kraft salad dressing (on the neck of the bottle under the word Krafts), bullseye bbq sauce (same place), oscar mayer lunch meats, fresh express salad bags, heb vitamin water (on top of the cap), bags of cooking nuts, marshmellows, most chips, slabs of meat, milk, juice, yogurt, peperidge farm products, etc