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Default ExtraCare Bucks and How To Use Them!

*Copy & Pasted from jleonard's original post*

ExtraCare Bucks-you hear about them from people in the forum, you see them in your ad-now what are they? How do you get them?! The next few paragraphs will discuss what exactly an ExtraCare Buck is and the uses and limits are for them.

What is an Extracare Buck?

Extracare Buck=a reward that prints at the bottom of your receipt after buying a promotional/advertised item at CVS. Items with extracare bucks are often listed in the weekly ad, though not always and most have a tag in the store located on or near the shelf the item is located with all the information on how many you have to buy to receive the item and the amount of extracare bucks you will receive for doing so. The ECB will only print after you've purchased the correct item or amount of items. It does not apply to your Extracare Card but prints as a coupon good for up to the reward amount off your next order.

What are the Facts on Extracare Bucks (also known as ECBs)?

Unlike the similar Register Reward, there isn't much you can't use an extracare buck on. There are a few exclusions that are included on each and every extracare buck in the fine print at the bottom.

They include:

~Gift Cards
~Money Orders
~Postage Stamps
~Pre-Paid Money Cards
~Tobacco Products

Beyond this you can use any combination of extracare bucks to pay for ANYTHING in the store, from our coupon deals to things you may just need. Also, extracare bucks can be adjusted down, if you are a few cents shy and don't want to add anything to your total, CVS can adjust it down.

Extracare bucks can be combined with both manufacturer coupons and CVS coupons, including a $/$$ (or amount off your total purchase) coupon for maximum savings.

ExtraCare Bucks also don't expire for 30 days (Beauty Club & Green Bag Tag ECB's expire in 14 days) , so if you don't see something to "roll" it onto, don't fret, there will most likely be another deal a week or two after! To "roll" an extracare buck means to use it to pay on another advertised deal that has an extracare buck offer attached to it and receive that extracare buck after you pay. Thereby rolling the old extracare buck into a new one. If the limit is more than one, you can roll one extracare buck into another for the same item, it isn't prohibited, and another extracare buck will print!

Important Points to Remember:

~Also Extracare cards are limited to ONE PER HOUSEHOLD, which means that the deals are limited to that one card also. For more information on this, please check out our thread here:

~Extracare bucks are non-transferable so they cannot be shared, they are tied to your extracare account number. If you try to use one, the register will beep with the message that it does not match your card number.

~The limits (shown in blue on our Ad Scan and Free/Cheap/GDA thread each week) are listed in the ad and often on the tags at the store as well. Each limit is subject to change throughout the week (and we'll try to keep that updated as well), but the beginning limit is how many times you can receive an ECB for purchasing that product(s). You CAN roll a previous ECB onto the same deal, and you do NOT need fillers to use coupons at CVS. You could use 10 different coupons on one item (so long as the value of the coupons & ECB doesn't exceed the value of the item, then they will be adjusted down).

~If your extracare buck does NOT print at the bottom of your receipt after your purchase, talk over the purchase with your cashier, check the product against the one in the advertisement and if you and the cashier know for sure you bought the correct product, ask for a force print. This gives you an extracare buck that does not necessarily list that item, but will have an apology printed on it for the missed extracare buck. You can use these the same as any other extracare buck. The last 4 digits will look a little different to your normal ECB's that print. Don't fear! These are still tied to your extracare account and will not beep when they are redeemed!

~Extracare buck offers usually do NOT include clearance items (especially makeup) You will NOT receive an ECB because you purchased clearanced items in the same line as the offer in the current ad. Please DO NOT ask for them to be force printed!

~Always give your CVS coupons and extracare bucks first, then your manufacturer coupons to take advantage of the most savings. They will eat into your tax where your ECBs will have to be adjusted down. While this is okay, this is still YMMV and some stores won't allow it at all.


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