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Old 12-30-2012, 12:40 AM
neneelynn neneelynn is online now
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Happy Early activation 10/29 Pop stocked.lol

I decided that I wanted to try the pepsi deal with the 2liters. I have some of those sierra mist blinkies and I needed some eggs so this is what I did I went to 3 different cvs stores

1st stop transaction:

2-dozen eggs on sale for 3/5 I bought 2 @1.67 each
2-Reeses minature 8.5 oz 1.99 2/3.98
3-3 Musketeers Bars .75 each /2.25
15-Sierra mist 2 liters .99 cents each/$14.85
1-Aveeno intensive relife hand lotion 3.5 oz 4.99
1-Aveeno intensive relief lotion 7.32 oz $4.99
2-GE 10W mini spiral 2.99 each/$5.98
1-Carmex ointment 2.99 on clearance
1-simple face wash 3.99
2-simple vit day cream 6.49 each /12.98
my total: $60.34
I used:
15-sierra mist blinkies 1.00 each
1-$1 off carmex tearpad. These are resupplied again at cvs with the display
2-$3.00 simply scanner coupon
1-$3/2 aveeno ip coupon
2-$3 simply moisturizer ip coupons
1- $2 simply cleanser product coupon
1-$2.50 cvs candy coupon for Resses ip
1-$1.10 coupon for 2 reeses minatures
1-$1 off 2 ge energy smart ip coupon
1-Buy 2 get 1 free musketeers candy ip coupon -$1.19
1-.55 cents for eggs ip coupon
11 ecb
my total 0.00 out of pocket plus tax $3.10 and I received 2 GE,6 Aveeno,.75 Mars

#2 Transaction

2-Hershey Kisses 1.99/3.98
1- Dial Nutriskin 21 oz lotion 3.49 on clearance
2- Simple refresh face wash 3.99/$7.98

I used:
1-2.00 off Hershey kisses (rib magazine) oops I should not have used these do to some descrepancy in the size. -wasn't thinking
1-2.50 coupon for hersheys cvs ip coupon
2-$2 ip coupons for simply facial cleanser
1-$3.00 simply scanner coupon
1-$1 scanner coupon off any dial, rightguard and etc from last week
1-$1.50 coupon for dial lotion ip coupon

my total $15.45
I paid 1.45 out of pocket pus tax 1.08 #3rd and final stop

2-Reeses minatures 1.99/3.98
11-Sierra Mist .99 each/10.89
3-Mountain dew .99 each/2.97
2-diet pepsi .99/1.98

my total 19.82

I used:
11-$1 sierra mist blinkies
1-$2.50 cvs ip coupon for hersheys
1-$1.10 two hersheys ip coupon
5 beauty bucks

my total .22cents tax 1.04 received 10 ecb selected products

It printed on my receipt that the pepsi amount needed to earn reward is $30.00 so this must me a limit to 2 instead of 1

My total before coupons was $95.61 This was a good trip

So far I was not able to find the sudden sleep 4 count. Only the 30 count
I had a great trip.
May have to try another transaction as I have another 10/50 yet to use
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