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Old 01-21-2013, 09:32 AM
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Help Anyone in bank mortgages / processors? Need help!!!

So I just closed on a second home. I am doing massive renovations/updating on it. So once that gets started I am putting my current home on the market. Anyway.. I had to refi my current home in order to get the 2nd loan cause my debt to income was not a the % I needed for PMI insurance.

So the people wanted to close end of December (started with the final contract early December) We did not make this close of December. We just closed Friday.

In order to get the new loan, I had to refi and pay off my car. Which I did no problem. It took some extra time to get everything in order and my real estate agent told me the seller's agent is a real piece of work. (its like she wanted to close asap). Anyway the lawyers made it happen and got extensions so everything worked out. So she advised me to tell my loan originator (aka Anna) to not to give any of the financial info to the selling side. So I told the Anna that only my attorney and my real estate agent can call and get any info needed.

Anyway, my agent told me they selling side found out that I had to refi in order to get the new loan. I guess the selling agent was nasty about it. Said some things about me... whatever.. honestly I donít care what she has to say. (before this issue I was going to make a complaint against her office anyway.)

So turns out the agent has people working under her and this other agent (aka Mary) called Anna and asked why the loan was taking so long to get approved. Anna told Mary it was in underwriting and thatís whatís taking so long. And Anna hung up on Mary.

So Mary I guess called in to this special number (as my agent said) to get to the BMO Harris processors. So it seems like either Mary knew someone at Harris or there was a # for agents to call and get info.

So Mary talked with some processor from Harris and found out the situation. And then the selling agent had the galls to tell my agent she found out.

First banks make you go through hoops and provide your life story in order to talk to you about any of your banking info on the phone. How was this Mary person able to give my name (didnít have my social or anything) and get details on the my personal/financial info? Big break in my privacy.

And this Mary knew Anna would not give her any info, so she broke the rules and called a friend as I put it and got the lowdown after she was not given any information.

My agent has emails from the seller agent saying she found this info on my and I did see text messages from this agent too, to my agent saying that they went to a higher source and found out the real story.

So I am calling the bank tomorrow to find out who leaked my information and file a complaint with someoneÖ I am also going to file a grievance on the sellers agent office for relentlessly trying to get my information. I know my agent wants me to file a complaint against this office too because this agent does not play nice and I can see this. And I have no problem doing so.

So my questions is to anyone in the mortgage business, who would I tell this VP Ė Market Operations Manager I am calling (the processors supervisor) that I am going to file a complaint with? Any banking boards?

So I assume that Harris could be leaking a lot of private information about people or at least this processor who leaked mine. The selling agents are the stupid ones for letting us know they did. Otherwise I would not have known they found this out about me.

Any advice?


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Old 01-21-2013, 12:05 PM
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Real estate agents have to follow rules and it seems like the sellers agent didn't . It is a buyers market and I feel that a lot of things are going on that are "overlooked" . We lost a house we were under contract with because of my own agent . Each state has different rules to be licensed as an agent . There are penalties for not following them . We could have had a lawsuit , but we chose not to move into our house in a new area with enemies . She knew what she did was wrong and besides I believe in karma . You could check your state's website for contact information on licensing and who to contact . I hope this info helps you . Good luck with your new home !
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