Writing for WeUseCoupons

If you are writer or blogger having a weekly column on WeUseCoupons is something that can gain you great exposure or express a passion.  (For a single guest post click here) We are always looking for witty fun writers that write about life, family, frugality and the ups and down’s of moms (and dads).  If you are looking for to guest post on our site, please submit that here.

Writing for WUC is not about a single guest post, we are generally talking about a series or column.  From Frugality Fridays, to Living Inside the Box (Budgets etc), coming up with a creative title and writing about it every week or two is something we what this is about.Write. Type. Save.

The first step to becoming a writer for WUC is to submit a proposal.  In your proposal, we are looking for:

  • A Witty Topic.  Topics like, how to save money at the grocery store are what we doing weekly.  We have hundreds of articles about that.  We want something that is a little edgy but very family friendly.  Something like, ‘Coupon Cooking – Saving Money and Loving It’ could easily be an 8 week series.  If people love it, and you enjoyed it, we would extended it.
  • A Sample of Previous Articles.  Please just include a link or two.
  • Time/Post Proposal.  Please include how many posts you think you will do.  Eight posts over eight weeks, 15 posts over 10 weeks, are examples.

If we accept you as a WUC Writer, we will give you your own user ID, and you will post your own articles.  They will need to be scheduled one day before they actually post.  If you write a column, we will create customized artwork for your column weekly.  The top of the post, directly under the title will be a credit to your site.  On the bottom of the post will be a detailed explanation of who you are and your site and contact information.

Please Note: Articles and Columns must be ORIGINAL Content (i.e. not published anywhere else online).

What We Expect Within the Article Itself

  • 400 to 600 Words.  (We don’t want 10 pages essays but we also don’t want one paragraph articles!)  If you need to check your words using either programs like Word, or online with http://www.wordcounttool.com/
  • Pictures.  You must have pictures unless it isn’t relevant.  Most articles pictures help support the article.
  • Few Grammatical Errors.  We dont want u to make misstakes.  Grammer is important and having weell written sentecnes and no spelling errors is extreely important.  ;)
  • Consistency.  If you write a weekly column on a certain day, please make sure you have the article.  We understand that life happens.  But life can’t happen every week.
  • Good Links. Make sure any links in your articles/column are relevant and VALID.  If you have an affiliate link enclosed in your article, please disclose that.  We discourage regular affiliate links in articles.

To Apply to Become a WUC Writer please fill out the form below:

Submit a Writing Proposal

A writing proposal is not a single guest post, it is a series or articles.
  • (if applicable)
  • (Please include how many posts you think you will do. Eight posts over eight weeks, 15 posts over 10 weeks, are examples.)
  • (If Applicable)