WUC Blog Partner Program

WeUseCoupons is proud to announce our blog partnership program. Partner blogs are blogs that have their buttons on our homepage in the ‘Blog Partners’ section. So what is a blog partner? A partner blogger is doing one of three things, participating in our Grocery List Partner Program, writing as a WUC Writer, or posting a weekly post like Drug Store Freebies, Organic Roundups, etc. Partners will be given their own usernames to WeUseCoupons and will be able to post their own content. We will even set up templates for you. For match-ups, affiliate links stay intact, we do not change them, as long as you post the matchup yourself. For writers, we will link at the top and bottom of your columns, and for weekly themed posts we also link at the top and bottom of the post. If you have a weekly theme post idea, send us an email!

What we ask of you:

  1. Post your own content
  2. Return the favor and post our button on your blog
  3. Let us know if you can’t post or will miss a week.

Bottom line, WeUseCoupons is a great place to be featured. We want to partner with you, because after all, it is WE Use Coupons. To inquire about becoming a partner, fill out the form below.

Blog Partner Progam Contact Form

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